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Rooftop Tents for Sale UK

Explore rooftop tents for your needs. Browse the best rooftop tents for cars, 4x4s and vans.

Rooftop Tents for Sale

What is a Rooftop Tent?

A rooftop tent is a tent that can be mounted on the roof of your car, 4x4, van or even on top of a trailer.

It is mounted on top of a set of roof bars and stays secure whilst you are driving to your favourite camping spot.

Rooftop Tents come in many shapes and sizes and you can open some rooftop tents in a matter of seconds.

Find the right rooftop tent for you whether you solo tripping or need a family-sized rooftop tent for your car, 4x4 or van.

Benefits of Rooftop Tents

1. Easy set up

A lot of rooftop tents can be set up in a few minutes, no stakes to nail to the ground when all you want to do is sleep!

2. Stay off the ground

Stay away from animals & insects and no worry of your tent getting flooded!

3. Sleep closer to the amazing views

Set up your rooftop tent anywhere you can legally park and get closer to the amazing views in the morning than being in a hotel.

4. Free up space in the car

Carry more camping gear in your vehicle whether its a power station, camping chairs or extra blankets with the tent installed on your roof.

5. Comfortable night's rest with a view

Mounted on a sturdy base with roof bars rooftop tents are built with thicker material, are durable and long lasting with high-density foam mattresses.