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EcoFlow DELTA Portable Power Station

by EcoFlow
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Experience up to 10X faster charging with the EcoFlow DELTA Portable Power Station

How Does EcoFlow DELTA deliver 10x faster charging?

Using EcoFlows patented charging platform allows alternating current (AC) from a wall charger to direct input into Delta’s inverter, increasing its charging power at the same time.

“By passing through the inverter directly, we can increase charging speed to more than 10 times the traditional AC-to-DC adapter cable,” CEO Eli Harris

Additionally, enjoy up to 3 power station recharging options. The traditional AC wall outlet takes about 100 minutes to charge the power stations fully. You can also use solar panels up to 400W, which takes 4 hours to charge fully, or the car charge power option, which takes up to 11 hours.

Moreover, you can get up to 80% charge on the power station in under an hour.

  • 1260Wh Capacity

This provides you with enough power for hours, whether camping or at home.

  • Multiple ports

The EcoFlow Delta power station comes with up to 11 ports, including AC, DC, or USB outlets. This allows you to charge and power multiple devices without worrying about overloading.

  • Eco-friendly

Thanks to its ability to be recharged using solar power, this power station is an ideal option for conserving the environment. This feature also ensures you remain powered from anywhere.   

  • Portability

Weighting in at 14kg, the EcoFlow Delta generator is light enough to take anywhere where power is needed.

  • Power up energy hungry gadgets

Thanks to its huge AC output, this portable power station can power just about anything. This includes 1800W power tools and supports surges of up to 3300W thanks to the Pure Sine Wave feature.

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