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Femkes Rooftop Tents

Who are Femkes?

Femkes is a family run rooftop tent brand based in the Netherlands. First inspired by Femke; a fan of the outdoors and addicted to travelling, both Femke and her husband Tim have been designing and developing roof tents since 2014.

Starting as a hobby and being inspired by the ease of rooftop tents a personal roof tent then grew into 6 roof tents for friends and family and now Femkes can be found in multiple countries around Europe.

Where are Femkes based?

Located in Holland the Femkes family are busy at work designing and testing the latest sustainable roof tent builds. Purely focusing on Hard Shell Rooftop Tents they've perfected their range and now produce and import their rooftop tents in many countries around Europe including: Germany, Italy, Belgium, Iceland and of course the UK!

Femkes Miles Starling for Sale

Two Person HardShell Roof Tent


+ Large panoramic window for views
+ Internal mattress size of 136cm by 206cm
+ Pop up in 60 seconds
+ Free Zip-on Fly Tarp & Awning included

Femkes Hopper for Sale

Two Person HardShell Roof Tent


+ Pop up in less than 60 seconds
+ Good space for 2 people
+ Keep your bedding or ladder inside
+ Waterproof rating of 3000mm HH rating

Femkes Khosi Family for Sale

Four Person Hard-shell Roof Tent


+ Great space for Four people
+ Set up in 3 minutes
+ Free Zip-on Fly Tarp & Awning included
+ Extra shoe & accessory bags included

Femkes Rooftop Tents

About Femkes Rooftop Tents

Designing and testing products

The process involved in designing the roof tents has been fine tuned over the years. The Femkes team travel to their manufacturer 2-3 times a year to discuss designs, changes & improvements to ensure great quality control and close relationships at factories.

Once changes are made the sample is rigorously tested in Holland as only experienced roof tent campers know how to. Thanks to Femke & Tim being involved in every phase of production they have created a large range of hard shell roof tents with their stamp of approval.

With the customer always in mind

Femkes are always seeking honest feedback on quality and comfort as they strive to make the very best roof tents.

Also, to save costs to the customer they decided to make sure all of their roof tents come 3d mesh, shoe bags & accessory bags and tarps included to make sure campers have the most practical accessories and convenience on their adventures.

Femkes Khosi Family Lifestyle

Femkes Roof Tent Benefits

Femkes Khosi Family Lifestyle

1. Easy and quick set up times vs a traditional tent

There's no having to spend all that time pitching up a tent and nail in stakes which come undone. You can even leave your bedding on top of the mattress if you take long getting ready!

2. They are more comfortable than regular ground tents

Femkes offer great mattress comfort and the fact that you're going to be on flat surface by being your car roof makes a world of difference. Exploring the world doesn't have to be uncomfortable!

3. You save a lot of money in the long run

A review of the average cost of a hotel stay in the UK is £79 according to So just 7 nights at a hotel somewhere and you've paid out £553.

4. Rain resistance

Roof tents come with great rain & water resistance with a minimum Hydrostatic Rating of 2,000mm so you're covered when it comes to leaky tents!

5. Long lasting durable materials

Femkes rooftop tents are made out of great quality materials and are much more durable materials than regular tents, especially their hardshell rooftop tents. UV protective agent materials so that you can camp on your car for years to come.

6. You're closer to the fantastic views by parking where you sleep!

You don't have to waste time having to drive to your planned destinations to explore, get there faster before all the crowds.

Rooftop Tent Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements for a Rooftop Tent? Show Item Content

Camping with a Rooftop Tent does require a few things to be set up:

1. You need a set roof bars or roof racks for your 4x4 or car that fit your vehicle

2. These roof bars / racks need a large enough weight limit to take the weight of your chosen rooftop tent

3. Check the dynamic weight limit of your vehicle is greater than the weight of the rooftop tent plus your roof bars.

Then you're all set to go on your adventure

Are Rooftop Tents warm? Show Item Content

In general, rooftop tents are warmer than traditional tents.

There are a few reasons why they are warmer than traditional tents but we do advise additional cold protection like inner tent insulation for the cold winter months.

What makes them warmer than traditional tents?

1. Elevation - Getting away from the cold ground will increase the warmth in the tent

2. Thicker materials - especially hard-shell rooftop tents are made of more durable and thicker materials which are better at retaining heat.

3. Some rooftop tents are designed for better insulation keeping you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter days with your body heat.

How can you store your Rooftop Tent? Show Item Content

Consider storing your rooftop tent away in your garage or storage space when you will not use it for long periods.

You can store your rooftop tent on top of your vehicle all year round.

We think you should consider a few things if you want to this:

1. Protect it from the rain by using a extra water resistant PVC cover

2. Factor in the extra fuel usage by carrying the rooftop tent on your vehicle all year round

3. Risk of theft. Add extra security bolts or get your rooftop tent insured for peace of mind

What do I need to know about Weight Limits? Show Item Content

The main weight limit we need to consider is the dynamic weight limit of your vehicle.

You’ll want to take a look at your car’s manual for the weight limit when choosing tents for the top of your car.

Dynamic weight

Dynamic weight is simply the amount of weight you can have on your car while it’s in motion. Basically how the forces affect it from all directions while driving.

Static Weight

Static weight is just the amount of weight your car can carry while standing still; this includes your gear and passengers.

As long as the roof bars plus the rooftop tent in total are less than the dynamic weight limit of your vehicle then you're set!

Does a rooftop tent affect my mileage? Show Item Content

Yes a rooftop tent will decrease your mileage due to the added weight and drag from the wind.

By how much it is difficult to estimate and depends on two main factors:

1. The weight of the rooftop tent

2. How bulky the rooftop tent is when closed causing wind resistance

To reduce the impact on mileage choose a rooftop tent that is lighter than 65kg and has a slimeline frame when closed.