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Best Car Tents in the UK in 2024

Best Car Tents

What is a Car Tent?

A car tent, also known as a vehicle tent or rooftop tent, is a tent designed to be attached to the roof of a car, SUV, or truck. Unlike traditional ground tents, car tents elevate camping to a whole new level by utilising the vehicle as a base. These tents typically feature a sturdy, weather-resistant construction, and take advantage of the flat base of your car roof to make sure you’re not sleeping on uneven ground. 


How Does a Car Tent Work?

The concept behind car tents can feel a bit alien when coming from traditional tents but they typically are much simpler. Instead of unrolling, spreading out a traditional tent out and pegging everything down to the ground to make sure it doesn’t blow away, you simply fold open or pop-up the tent and you’re ready in minutes or even less.

When not in use, the tent can be folded down and secured to the roof, creating a sleek and compact profile. 


Types of Car Tents


Car tents come in several types, each offering unique advantages based on individual preferences and needs.


Pop-up Car Tents

Pop-up car tents are incredibly convenient and easy to set up. They use a spring-loaded mechanism that allows the tent to expand and take shape quickly. This type of car tent is perfect for campers who value simplicity and efficiency.


Fold-up Car Tents

With this the tent is folded in half when packed away so you fold open the tent like a flip phone with the ladder attached and it overhangs on the side of your car so you get an amazing space to sleep in. Typically with fold-up car tents you can get a space that is bigger than a double bed.


Why get a Car Tent?


There are many reasons why but let's just focus on the main ones:

1. Easy & Quick set up times vs a traditional tent

Not having to spend time unwrapping the tent, fanning it out and pegging all the guy ropes down so it doesn't fly away.

2. Comfort

Simply put the car tent coming straight out of the package comes with high-density foam mattresses. Some go as thick as 8cm.

3. Weather resistance

These car tents come with great waterproofing and UV resistance. They are also more aerodynamically and robustly built which is better for withstanding the blustery UK weather.

4. Higher quality materials are used

Typically used are high quality fabric in constructing the tent with hardshell car tents being highly resistant to scratches and durable for the long term.

5. Amazing views

Being off the ground and elevated you have a greater view with up to four large windows to see the lovely nature around you. Not to mention a skylight for stargazing.

6. No sleeping on the uneven ground

You get a flat comfy surface to sleep on and not have to worry about the cold wet ground with a misplaced rock under your back. 


How much is a car roof tent?

Car roof tents really range in price based on the design, size and material used to create them. The basic or entry level car roof tents which are typically soft-shells cost just over £1,000 and the car roof tents made out of more durable hard tops i.e. hard shell roof tents can cost as much as £3,500.


Which Car Tent is Best?



The Best Car Tent depends firstly on the type of car you have. 


Think about Weight


If you have a smaller car then maybe a tent that is lightweight i.e. sub 55kg to fit a potentially smaller dynamic weight limit on your roof. And a car tent that is slimmer and more compact in shape to ensure it fits your car.

If you have a regular sized car you have a bit more flexibility in the car tents you can choose. 

Think about the size


Secondly, you need to consider the type of functionality the car tent has for your specific needs. Consider how many people you wish to go camping with e.g. a small family.

Then you can think about extra value in terms quality materials, ease of set up and whether you wish to pair it with an awning or a annex room.

Below we've created a list of what we think are the best car tents to make it easier for you to decide.


Best Pop-up Car Tent

Femkes Miles Starling


View The Femkes Miles Starling

What is a Pop-up Hardshell Roof Tent?

A pop-up hardshell roof tent is a compact roof tent that is especially easy to set up and close. Using gas assisted struts it offers a quick and effortless setup, allowing campers to transform their vehicle into a comfortable sleeping space within minutes. These roof tents are easy to maintain and typically allows users to keep their bedding inside making camping super practical.

Advantages of Pop-up Hardshell Roof Tents

Convenience: The pop-up design enables easy and quick setup, eliminating the need for complex tent assembly.

Leave bedding inside when closed: Super handy when you want to get up and go and not have to use up boot space to carry your comfy duvets & pillows.

Protection: Hardshell construction provides excellent protection against rain, wind, and other weather conditions.

What makes the Miles Starling standout?

Pop up in 60 seconds

Set up the Miles Starling in 60 seconds using the four gas assisted springs to open the roof tent. Just unbuckle the straps, raise the shel on each side and you're done!

Bushveld Image

A Roof Tent with great views

The Miles Starling was designed to make sure you enjoy the amazing views you've chosen to set up camp. With almost unrestricted views all around your roof tent, fine mosquito netting and great ventilation you can appreciate the morning sun or sunset whilst you rest.

Bushveld Image

High density Mattress

Slow foam high density 6cm mattress with a removable cover and a 1cm thick ventilating anti-condensation 3D mesh bottom mattress.

Keep your bedding inside

The Miles Starling has enough room when closed to keep your bedding within the roof tent when travelling.

Bushveld Image
  • Sleeping Capacity 2 People
  • Body Fabric Polyester mix with cotton 280 gr fabric
  • Hardshell material ABS plastic shell
  • Mattress Slow Foam High Density Mattres with detachable cover
  • Awning material 210g Oxford polycotton 3000mm HH Rating
  • Ladder 2.3m Telescopic Ladder
  • Weight 74 kg including ladder and mattress
  • Closed Dimensions 214 x 142 x 31 cm (L x W x H)
  • Open Dimensions 206 x 136 x 98 cm (L x W x H)
  • Sleeping Area 206 x 136 cm
  • Super fast set up time
  • Large panoramic window
  • Great viewing angles
  • Great space for two
  • Not suitable for 3+ people

Best Car Tent with Awning

Tent & Trail Discover Series Hybrid Roof Tent


View the Tent & Trail Discover Series

Great Value Hybrid Car Tent with Awning

Enjoy ample space with the Tent & Trail Discover Series! The inner tent size boasts generous dimensions of 160cm by 236cm, providing you with the ultimate comfort during your camping escapades. This is bigger than a King-sized bed which is typically 150cm x 200cm.

Whether you're camping solo or with friends and a small family, the Tent & Trail Discover Series has great space and comfort on your adventure.

Aerodynamic Awning Extension included

Whether you need shade from the scorching sun or shelter from unexpected rain, the Awning Extension has got you covered.

The Awning material comes with the same Black 280g rip-stop polyester oxford cotton, UV resistant and waterproof with PU5000mm as the main tent.

Bushveld Image

What makes the Tent & Trail Discover Series great?

2 x Shoe bags to keep muddy shoes out!

Keep your inner tent clean from the mud and dirt after day exploring the countryside.

Large windows

The Discover Series comes with skylights and large windows so you always have a great view wherever you look from inside the tent!

Bushveld Image

Sleeps 2 to 3 people

Measuring in at 160cm x 236cm the Discover Series is larger than a King sized bed (150cm x 200cm). Great for a small family or if you just want some extra space

Carry Your Gear on Top - Up to 35kg

Whether you need extra space to carry your luggage or if you're looking for a sporty trip then carry your Kayak or Mountain Bike with you.

Bushveld Image
  • Sleeping Capacity 3 People
  • Body Fabric Black 280g rip-stop poly-oxford cotton, waterproof with PU5000mm
  • Hardshell Material Black welded aluminium alloy with insulation
  • Mattress 5cm High-density foam with waterproof washable cover
  • Weight 48kg
  • Closed Dimension 160 × 117 × 26 cm
  • Open Dimension236 x 160 x 155 cm (L x W x H)
  • 2-3 person sleeping capacity
  • Awning Extension Included
  • Lightweight at 48kg
  • Not for a family of Four

Best 4 Person Car Tent

TentBox Lite XL


View the TentBox Lite XL

Perfect for families and groups of friends.

If you're looking to go camping with the family and want a comfy mattress then the TentBox Lite XL is a great choice. The space is greater than a super king sized bed so if you can fit your family on there you'll be good to go with the XL.

Great materials, great water proofing, double skylight and good storage from one of the UKs biggest roof tent brand. It is a safe bet.

Protection from the sun

All fabric used in the TentBox Lite XL includes UV50+ protection, ensuring that you stay safe and protected from harmful UV rays while camping.

Perfectly sized for Four people

Like its smaller brother the TentBox Lite XL folds out into a great space for four people to sleep in comfortably. This is ideal for a family of four or 3 adults who really like their space!

Bushveld Image

With an internal mattress size of 183cm x 240cm (A Super King Sized Bed is typically 180cm x 200cm). So see if you can get your family to all fit on a super king sized bed and you'll have more than enough room in the TentBox XL.

Bushveld Image

Despite it being such a large size due to the foldable design it has a much smaller form factor when the roof tent is packed away. Folding away into a dimension of 183cm x 120cm x 25cm it's perfect for the majority of cars. So as long as your dynamic limits allow this will be a good choice.

Bushveld Image
  • Sleeping Capacity 4 People
  • Internal Weight Limit 300kg
  • Mattress 8cm Dual Layer Mattress
  • Water Resistance 3000mm (inner pod) and 5000mm (rainfly)
  • Weight 62kg
  • Closed Dimensions 183cm (W) x 120cm (L) x 25cm (H)
  • Opened Dimensions 183cm (W) x 240cm (L) x 115cm (H)
  • Large sleeping capacity
  • 4 Person size
  • Great waterproofing throughout
  • Takes over 5mins to setup

Best Car Tent for a Small Car

Tent & Trail Compact Series


View The Tent & Trail Compact Series

Great lightweight option for small cars that fits 3 adults

Weighing in at 55kg the Tent & Trail compact series is a perfect pair for those with small cars or those who just don't want so much weight on their car.

Annex Room Included

If you want an annex room for extra privacy to change or take a shower then the compact series is a great choice. With 3 large windows the annex room allows you to enter and exit from each side and gives you access to the back of your vehicle.

The Annex Room is 10kg in weight with a footprint of 200cm x 200cm

Bushveld Image

Compact but not small

Bigger than a Double Bed to fit 3 adults

You may think that by the name that the compact series may have a small mattress space but that is far from it.

With a great interior space of 140cm by 240cm this is greater than the space of a double bed (typically 135cm by 190cm).

Bushveld Image

Great water resistance for the UK weather

The roof tent is made with a black 420D rip-stop polyester oxford material that has a waterproof rating of 2500mm HH rating with UV and mould resistant coating.

  • High density form mattress comes with a waterproof washable cover.

  • Mattress bottom and sides with waterproof fabric

  • Mattress top with 120 GSM poly-cotton fabric.

  • Annex room 420D rip-stop polyester oxford material with 2500 HH Rating

  • Sleeping Capacity 2-3 People
  • Body Fabric Black 420D rip-stop polyester oxford material
  • Body Frame Welded aluminium tube & 0.5mm anti-scratch sheet
  • Mattress 6cm High-Density Foam Mattress
  • Water Resistance 2500mm HH Rating with UV and mould resistant
  • Annex Weight 110kg
  • Roof Tent Weight 55kg
  • Closed Dimension 140 × 120 × 30 cm
  • Open Dimension 143 x 240 x 126 cm
  • Large sleeping capacity
  • 3 Person size
  • Compact Size & Lightweight
  • Awning Room Included
  • Setup time with Annex over 5mins

Best Car Tent with Easiest Setup

WildLand Bush Cruiser 120


View the WildLand Bush Cruiser 120

A Hard-shell that is Super Sleek, Super Slim and Easy to Use

One of the thinnest rooftop tents you can buy on the market with the total height when closed topping out at 18cm so you won't have to worry about noise or drag whilst driving.

Comfortably Sleeps Two

Measuring in at 203x124cm the Bush Cruiser 120 is roughly the size of a double bed (135cm x 190cm).

Carry Your Gear with Ease – 100kg Cargo Weight Capacity

Experience the freedom to pack all your vital gear and accessories without sacrificing interior space within the tent, thanks to its impressive cargo weight capacity of 100kg.

Whether you require transportation for camping gear, outdoor equipment, or essential adventure supplies, the roof bars integrated into the WildLand Bush Cruiser 120 Roof Tent present a convenient and secure solution.

Bushveld Image

What makes the WildLand Bush Cruiser great?

Luxurious Comfort with a 7cm Thick Mattress

Immerse yourself in a night of unparalleled relaxation with the WildLand Bush Cruiser 120 Roof Tent. Its luxurious rooftop design offers a lavish 7cm thick mattress, ensuring that every moment spent inside is a haven of utmost comfort.

Bushveld Image

Quick and Easy Setup in Less Than 60 Seconds

Simply push up the top of the hardshell and the gas assisted struts will do the rest for you. Pull out some inner tent brackets and you're ready!

Large Windows for great views

Great large entry with two large windows on the side to give you awesome views to kick back in

Bushveld Image
  • Sleeping Capacity 2 People
  • Body Fabric 260 gram Teflon-coated Polyester Ripstop Material
  • Body Frame Lightweight Aluminum
  • Mattress 7cm High-density Mattress
  • Closed Tent size 226 x 133 x 18cm
  • Inner Tent size 206 x 124 x 133cm
  • Weight 61kg incl Ladder
  • Sleeping capacity for 2 people
  • 60 second setup
  • Carry sports equipment on top
  • Large windows
  • Not suitable for 3+ people

Best Car Tent with Warranty Cover

TentBox Lite 2.0


View the TentBox Lite 2.0

Tentbox Lite 2.0 - A roof tent that is lightweight, a thick comfy mattress and space for two

If you want peace of mind that your investment is protected for many years to come then the TentBox Lite 2.0 is a great choice. On top of the two year standard warranty is a 3 year extended warranty where you can purchase replacement parts at cost

Protection from the sun

All fabric used in the TentBox Lite 2.0 includes UV50+ protection, ensuring that you stay safe and protected from harmful UV rays while camping.

Bushveld Image

Great comfort with an 8cm Dual Layer mattress

The TentBox Lite 2.0 features a dual layer 8cm mattress with waterproof materials, which is thicker and more comfortable compared to the 6cm mattress in the previous model.

Bushveld Image

Removable rainfly to activate summer mode

The TentBox Lite 2.0 comes with a removable main rainfly that allows you to activate summer mode. This means you can enjoy the summer breeze while staying protected from insects and other outdoor elements.

5 Year warranty for peace of mind

Got a problem? We’ll fix it under for up to 5 years warranty…. You won't have to worry about the security of your investment.

Bushveld Image
  • Sleeping Capacity 2 People
  • Water Resistance 3000mm (inner pod) and 5000mm (rainfly)
  • Internal Weight Limit 300kg
  • Mattress 8cm Dual Layer Mattress
  • Weight 50kg
  • Closed Dimensions 133cm (W) x 110cm (L) x 25cm (H)
  • Open Dimensions 133cm (W) x 220cm (L) x 105cm (H)
  • Warranty 5-year extended (included in the price)
  • Lightweight at 50kgs so fits almost every vehicle
  • Improved water resistance
  • Take off the outer fly for summer days when not needed
  • Takes 5 mins to setup
  • Smaller sleeping space than other softshells

Best Lightweight Hardshell Car Tent

ARB Esperance Roof Tent


View the ARB Esperance Roof Tent

Perfect for smaller cars

Bushveld by Overland Vehicle Systems is one of the most affordable and largest hard shell roof top tent currently on the market. It is available in multiple sizes and is very easy to set up and take down.

Why do I have to worry about the weight?

You should always check the weight limit of your car. The main weight limit to look out for is the dynamic weight limit which is the roof weight limit whilst the car is in motion.

Most are typically 70kg but smaller cars may have a lower weight limit so the ARB Esperance is perfect for smaller cars. Always check your car manual to find the roof weight limit.

What makes the ARB Esperance great?

Lightweight Roof Tent

At 56kg this is the lightest hardshell roof tent on the market and perfect for almost every vehicle and great if you have a small car and want the benefits of hardshell roof tents.

Bushveld Image

Large space for comfort.

There is great space in here for comfort and those who love rolling around in their sleep. A foam mattress measuring in at 1380mm (W) x 2000mm (L) is only slightly smaller than a queen size bed (which are usually 153cm by 203cm).

Bushveld Image

Robust Construction

Built with a combination of PU300mm, UV50+, PU+silver plating, and polycotton canvas resulting in an ultra-strong construction, that can withstand the harshest environments.

Internal Lights & USB Charging points

Features an LED touch lamp and 2 x USB charging points that can connect to a vehicle’s 12V outlet.

Bushveld Image
  • Sleeping Capacity 2-3 People
  • Hardshell Material ABS with Acrylic compound material
  • Mattress 40mm high-density sponge with 3 layered quilt
  • Closed Dimensions 1220mm (L) x 1520mm (W) x 330mm (H)
  • Open Dimensions 2000mm (L) x 1520mm (W) x 1200mm (H)
  • Weight 56kg
  • Max Weight limit 500kg
  • Large sleeping capacity
  • 4 Person size
  • Could do with a thicker mattress

Best Car Tent for Regular sized Cars

Latitude Tents Pioneer


View The Latitude Tents Pioneer

Great for Regular Car Sizes

Weighing in at just 54kgs the Latitude Black Raven is easily one of the lightest soft-shell rooftop tents on the market meaning it is very likely it'll meet your car's static and dynamic weight load

Large space for comfort.

A foam mattress measuring in at 140cm by 240cm is only slightly smaller than a queen size bed (which are usually 153cm by 203cm).

The comfy mattress will allow you to great a great nights sleep before your adventure the very next day.

Bushveld Image

High-quality materials

Lightweight, breathable and rugged enough to tackle the harsh environment of woods and bad weather made with 280g Rip-stop Polyester Cotten and a waterproof and UV resistant coating

Bushveld Image

The rainfly is made from oxford polyester and the heavy-duty travel cover from 550g PVC. Hardware and hinges are made from 304-grade stainless steel, whilst the tents tubular framework is made using robust yet lightweight 25mm aluminium tubing.

Bushveld Image
  • Sleeping Capacity 2-3 People
  • Weather Resistance HH 3000MM with UV & Mould Resistant Coating
  • Rainfly material 420D Oxford Polyester
  • Mattress 6cm High-Density Foam Mattress
  • Weight 54kg
  • Closed Dimensions 140cm x 125cm x 25cm [WxLxH]
  • Opened Dimensions 140cm x 310cm x 130cm [WxLxH]
  • Sleeping Area 240cm x 140cm
  • Great water resistance
  • Great space for 2-3 People
  • Not for large family sizes


Car Tent vs Regular Tent


Advantages of Car Tents



  • Elevated Sleeping Platform

One of the significant advantages of car tents is the elevated sleeping platform they provide. Campers are lifted off the ground, keeping them safe from uneven terrain, dampness, and potential critters.

The elevated position also offers a unique perspective and a sense of security, especially in wildlife-rich areas.

  • Quick Setup and Takedown:

Setting up a car tent is a breeze. Most models come with a simple unfolding mechanism that allows you to be ready for the night's rest in a matter of minutes.

Taking it down is equally easy, making the entire camping experience more enjoyable and stress-free.

  • Enhanced Security:

Car tents provide an additional layer of security since you sleep off the ground.

While traditional tents can be susceptible to unwanted wildlife encounters, car tents reduce the risk of such encounters and offer peace of mind during your outdoor escapades.

  • Comfortable and Spacious:

Car tents often boast ample space, providing room for comfortable sleeping arrangements.

Some models even come with additional features like built-in mattresses and storage pockets, elevating the camping experience to new levels of comfort.


    Disadvantages of Car Tents


    • Vehicle Requirement:
    Car tents are compatible only with vehicles equipped with a roof rack. This requirement may limit accessibility for campers who own cars without the necessary rack or for those who prefer to keep their vehicle roof-free for other equipment.
    • Cost and Investment:
    Car tents generally come with a higher price tag compared to traditional tents. While they offer unique features and convenience, the upfront cost may be a deciding factor for some campers on a budget.
    • Limited Campsite Selection:
    Car tents rely on access to your vehicle for setup, which means you must choose campsites that are vehicle-accessible. This limitation may prevent you from exploring more remote and rugged locations that may require hiking or trekking to reach.
    • Vehicle Fuel Efficiency:
    The added weight and wind resistance of a car tent can impact your vehicle's fuel efficiency, especially during long road trips. This consideration is essential for campers who prioritise eco-friendly practices or plan to cover significant distances.


      Advantages of Traditional Tents

      • Versatility in Campsite Selection: Traditional tents offer more freedom when choosing a campsite. Since they are not reliant on your vehicle, you can pitch them virtually anywhere with a flat surface. This versatility allows you to explore remote and off-the-beaten-path locations.
      • Budget-Friendly Options: Traditional tents come in a wide range of prices, accommodating various budgets. From basic models suitable for occasional camping to high-end tents designed for extreme conditions, there is a traditional tent to fit every camper's financial plan.
      • Lightweight and Hiking-Friendly: For campers who enjoy hiking or backpacking, traditional tents are the ideal choice. They are designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry in a backpack while you explore the wilderness.
      • Comfort and Familiarity: Traditional tents have been the camping staple for years, offering a sense of familiarity and nostalgia to many campers. Their familiar designs and easy setup processes make them comfortable options for both new and experienced campers.


      Are Car Tents Waterproof?


      Evaluating Waterproofing Features

      The level of waterproofing in car tents can vary based on the manufacturer and model. Some car tents come with waterproof ratings, indicating their ability to resist water penetration under specific conditions.

      Seam Sealing and Weather Resistance

      High-quality car tents are designed with taped seams and weather-resistant coatings to enhance their waterproofing capabilities. These features help to prevent water from seeping through the tent's seams and fabric.


      Factors Affecting Waterproofing


      1. Material Quality

      The quality of materials used in the construction of a car tent plays a significant role in determining its waterproofing capabilities. Investing in a tent made from premium, waterproof materials is crucial for a dry and comfortable camping experience.


      2. Design and Construction

      The design and construction of the tent also affect its ability to withstand heavy rainfall and adverse weather conditions. Properly designed rainfly and well-sealed seams contribute to improved waterproofing.


      3. Proper Maintenance

      Maintaining the car tent is essential for its longevity and continued waterproofing performance. Regular cleaning, inspection for damages, and reapplying waterproofing agents when needed can significantly extend the tent's life.


      Sun Protection Features


      UV Protection

      One of the primary purposes of a car tent is to shield your car from harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation. The tent's fabric is specially treated to block a significant percentage of UV rays, reducing the risk of paint fading and cracking over time.


      Heat Insulation

      Car tents also provide a certain level of heat insulation, preventing the interior of your car from becoming unbearably hot on sunny days. By reducing the heat buildup, the tent ensures a more comfortable driving experience when you return to your vehicle.



      To avoid trapping hot air under the tent, modern car tents often come with ventilation features. These vents allow air to circulate, further contributing to temperature regulation and preventing mould or mildew buildup.


      Are Car Tents good for Camping?


      1. Convenience and Mobility

      One of the primary reasons campers opt for car tents is the unmatched convenience they provide. Unlike traditional tents, which require flat ground for setup, car tents can be pitched almost anywhere accessible by your vehicle. This means you can explore more remote and scenic locations without worrying about carrying your gear over long distances.

      2. Weather Protection

      Car tents offer excellent weather protection, keeping you sheltered from rain, wind, and even extreme temperatures. Most car tents are made from durable and weather-resistant materials, ensuring a comfortable camping experience in various conditions.

      3. Space Efficiency

      Car tents maximise space utilisation, as they take advantage of the roof or rear area of your vehicle. This leaves more ground space for other activities, such as cooking or relaxing by the campfire. Additionally, some car tents come with additional storage compartments, further optimising space.

      4. Cost-effectiveness

      While the initial cost of a car tent may be higher than a traditional tent, the long-term cost-effectiveness is notable. You save on campground fees since many places offer free car camping sites. Moreover, you won't need to invest in camping pads or air mattresses, as the car provides a comfortable and elevated sleeping platform.


      How to install a car tent on your car?



      We recommend:


      • Checking the owner's manual for your roof's weight limit.

      Dynamic weight limit is the weight the roof of a vehicle can safely carry while moving.

      When calculating the weight of the belongings to go on the roof, don’t forget to include the weight of the cross bars and racks.


      • Verifying the weight limit of your roof rack or bars.

      To securely attach a roof tent to your SUV, you'll need roof bars or a roof rack system. They provide a stable base for the tent and ensure a safe camping experience if you select the correct system with a suitable dynamic weight limit. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for installing the roof bars or roof rack, ensuring they are correctly aligned and tightened.


      Your Roof Tent will come with its own directions, 
      The simple guide below will cover most RTTs.   


      General Advice:


      Before we get into installation, always remember:

      1. Roof-Top Tents can be awkward to lift onto your roof safely- ask a friend to help you.
      2. Make sure to add grease to the threads to help tighten and undo.
      3. Periodically check the nuts and bolts to ensure tightness.


    • Research RTT recommendations for your specific vehicle.
        • Start with Google and Overlanding forums.


      Step 1: Unbox Your Tent 


      • Find a clean and level surface to open the box.
      • Be careful with cutting; you don't want to slit your tent.
      • Pull out the tent.



      Step 2: Inspect the Contents


      • Using the contents list, double-check that all items are there.
      • Although unlikely, look closely for any holes or defects.
      • Remove any protective film.



      Step 3: Install Mounting Channels


      • Place the tent on its side to access the pre-drilled holes.
      • Push the bolts through the holes so the threads protrude from the bottom.
      • Install and finger-tighten all bolts before tightening with the provided Allen Key.
      • Flip the tent to the other side and repeat.


      Step 4: Install the Ladder


      • Find the pre-drilled holes and install the brackets with the nuts protruding inwards.
      • Tighten the nuts with a spanner.
      • Once the brackets are installed:
        • Place the ladder inside the frames.
        • Put the nylon washer between the ladder and the bracket.
      • Use the spanner to tighten the nut & bolt BUT…
      • Do not overtighten nuts, as this can:
        • Break the nylon washer.
        • Limit the movement of the ladder.



      Step 5: Thread Roof Tent Cover Zip into the 'C' Channel.


      • This is specific for softshell tents - hardshells will not require this step.  
      • Some prefer to install the cover while it's on the ground, others once it's already on the roof.
      • Slide the cover into the lower deck/'C' channel.
        • Install it in the correct direction to ensure the zip ends will attach.
      •  Pull the cover over the tent and secure the velcro straps and buckles.



      Step 6: With a Friend's Help, Lift the Tent onto the Roof.


      • Decide which way the tent will open; the hinged side will be the direction it opens.
      • Generally, you'll want to centre the tent on your vehicle.
        • The exception is if you need to make room for an awning.


      Step 7: Clamp or Screw in the Tent to the Roof Bars/Rack.


      • Both roof bars and racks work with roof tents.  
      • The most common methods for mounting:
        • Clamping with provided brackets.
        • Bolting the tent down using pre-drilled holes (some models require drilling).
      • For clamping:
        • Slide the brackets onto the mounting channels.
        • Secure the clamp plates with the washers and nuts underneath the roof bar.
          • Use a spanner but avoid over-tightening.
          • Use anti-seize or at least grease the threads to make removal easier.
      • After tightening the nuts & bolts, make sure the tent is secure.  
        • You'll want your tent to stay put while driving and cornering.
      • Important Note: Secure your tent in at least four spots.


      Step 8: Open, Inspect, & Familiarise


      • We can’t stress this enough:
        • Learn how to properly open, set up, and close up your tent.
        • The manufacturer will provide specific instructions for you to follow.
      • Make sure the ladder is in solid contact with the ground.
      • Use the ladder with CAUTION - especially over 4ft (1.2m). 
      • Inspect the seams, zippers, bolts, buckles, and straps.



      Step 9: Get Out and Use it


      • Your tent, nuts, and bolts will likely settle a little after your first use.  
        • Check the hardware and tighten it as needed.
      • Periodically check your nuts and bolts throughout the life of your product.
      • Enjoy!


      You Got This!

      Rooftop Tents have come a long way since they were first patented in 1926.  
      They are lighter, stronger, more comfortable, and more spacious than ever. 
      Today, the most challenging aspect is not how to install one.