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TentBox FAQs

 1. Shipping & Delivery FAQs


The full Shipping Policy can be found here.

The full Return Policy can be found here.


2. General Rooftop Tent Guide

Read our list of the Top 10 Rooftop Tents in the UK 

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3. TentBox Installation & Manuals


 Watch the installation video and manuals here.


4. TentBox Product FAQs

Why should I buy from you instead of TentBox?


That's a very good question! We love TentBox but in short this is why:

1. Guide to the best camping areas in the UK


Stuck on where to go on your very first camping trip? We have a handy pdf guide on the best camping areas in the UK with each of our rooftop tent purchases.

Camping Area Guide 

2. In-depth guide to the Top 5 Camping Sites in the UK


Want to go even deeper with campsite recommendations? We have another pdf guide of to the top 5 camping sites in the UK for you and your rooftop tent so you know what to expect!

 Guide to best campsites UK

3. Earn Amazon gift vouchers


We really appreciate your feedback but understand it can be a hassle! Send us a photo review and save money by receiving an Amazon e-voucher so you can spend on other gear you need for the trip!

 Earn Amazon Gift Cards

4. You're covered! You get the same warranty and care as you would with TentBox! 


You get all the benefits of buying with TentBox with us i.e. Warranty, ladder, fairy lights and the awesome product.


1. Can I take my kayak/canoe/bike on the roof of a TentBox Cargo tent?


      TentBox Cargo is perfect for adventurers. TentBox Cargo has extra roof bars for aquatic sports, fishing, and mountain riding.

      The TentBox Cargo is made of sturdy honeycomb aluminium. Powerful hydraulic rams make opening a TentBox with cargo no trouble. Because the hydraulic rams are so strong, opening your TentBox with stuff on top is simple.

      Crossbars' weight limit

      Remember the maximum weight load of the TentBox Cargo's extra cross bars when packing:

      • 100kg closed limit
      • 40kg limit open


      It's very important to check what the dynamic load limit of your vehicle is and that it can take the weight of

      your Roof Bars + the TentBox Cargo + Cargo Roof Bars + equipment on top

      The TentBox Cargo weighs 64kg.


      2. How large is the TentBox Cargo roof tent?


      TentBox Cargo roof tent dimensions


      The dimensions when stored:

      127 cm x 215 cm x 16 cm

      At just 16 cm when folded, the TentBox Cargo is the most compact item we provide. Only 8 cm are added in total because of the new cross bars.

       TentBox Cargo Closed Dimensions

      The dimensions, when opened:

      127cm x 215 cm x 150 cm.

      The expansive, cheese-wedge-shaped construction permits an amazing height of 150 cm.

      TentBox Cargo Assembled Dimensions 

      Mattress dimensions: 

      215 x 127 cm.

      The provided mattress in your TentBox Cargo is large enough for two persons to sleep comfortably.

       TentBox Cargo Mattress Dimensions


      3. What storage capacity does the TentBox Classic roof tent have?


      Size when closed:

      125 cm x 210 cm x 27 cm

      The extra room in the top shell of the TentBox Classic, our most practical and simple-to-use variant, allows you to keep your bedding while you're on the road.

      TentBox Classic Closed Dimensions

      When opened:

      125cm x 210cm x 100cm 

      You have a lot of room to sit up and take in the 360° morning views with the TentBox Classic, which expands to a height of 100cm.

       TentBox Classic Assembled Dimensions

      Size of mattress:

      210 cm by 125 cm

      Your TentBox Classic comes with a high-density foam mattress that can accommodate two persons without discomfort.

       TentBox Classic Mattress Dimensions



      4. What is TentBox Lite's capacity? 


      TentBox Lite roof tent dimensions


      Dimensions when closed:

      120 cm x 140 cm x 25 cm

      The TentBox Lite is our model that is the smallest and most lightweight. It is ideal for smaller cars since the TentBox can be folded down to half its size and stored on the top.

       TentBox Lite Closed Dimensions

      Open size:

      240cm x 140cm x 112cm

      The TentBox Lite has a height of 112cm and doubles in length when you open it, providing you with ample space to spend the night.

      TentBox Lite Assembled Dimensions

      Mattress size:

      240cm x 140cm

      The small TentBox Lite does not sacrifice sleeping space, as the provided mattress fits the entirety of the TentBox's footprint. There is a lot of room for two people and overnight necessities!

       TentBox Lite Mattress Size


      5. Is the TentBox Lite less sturdy since it extends beyond the car in which it is stored?


      Such a big overhang can be a little scary, particularly sitting inside!

      When the TentBox Lite is unfolded, it has a hinge that permits both halves of the base to function as one and take most of your weight when you're inside.

      As a side note, the ladder of the TentBox Lite acts as a partial support to keep the rooftop tent level. So keep the ladder at an appropriate angle to keep the TentBox Lite level.

      6. How to avoid TentBox condensation and mould?


      TentBox condensation

      Condensation can be a pain to wake up to after a good nights sleep. You can take the following steps to help things stay dry in your TentBox.


      Explaining condensation 

      One person may exhale 1 litre of water overnight, which condenses when it hits the TentBox's walls. If numerous individuals sleep in the TentBox, moisture might be misinterpreted for a leak.

      All TentBox variants are made with waterproof fabric and include waterproof silicone sealing film behind all seams.


      7. How to avoid condensation? 



      Ventilating your TentBox prevents condensation. Opening your TentBox windows when it's cold will allow your exhaled air to escape before it freezes. Winter camping requires a warm sleeping bag and dry clothing.


      Wet clothes and accessories

      Wet clothes or sheets inside your TentBox will make condensation worse. Wet belongings should be bagged and left in your car or beneath an umbrella outside your TentBox.


      8. How to prevent mould from condensation?


      Undried moisture can lead to mould

      Mould can occur from dampness from a build up of consistent condensation.

      If your TentBox has accumulated moisture overnight, let it air before continuing.

      If you're sealing your TentBox for more than 24 hours, make sure it's dry. It should dry up if you open your TentBox on your driveway. This will prevent mould formation and keep your TentBox clean and smelling fresh for your next excursion.


      9. How waterproof is a roof tent made by TentBox?



      Waterproof fabric - Canvas textiles feature a 2000mm waterproof barrier, so water beads off like a Gore-Tex jacket. Because it doesn't absorb the canvas, it's easy to wipe off and dry.

      Waterproof zips - All our models include waterproof zips to keep you dry and comfy.

      Waterproof seams - Heat-sealed seams with waterproof silicone tape. This is rainproof.


      Re-coat the waterproof fabric

      Re-coating the cloth every year will prevent leaks and keep your TentBox dry. Fabsil canvas waterproofer is available online and at DIY shops.



      10. Can I leave my TentBox roof tent attached to my car during the entire year?

      TentBox may stay in your car year-round. All TentBox types are robust and waterproof, so you do not need to remove them after every usage. Best practices for leaving a TentBox on your car for long periods:




      All TentBox versions contain 280gsm canvas with a waterproof covering.

      Re-coating the cloth every year will prevent leaks and keep your TentBox dry. Fabsil canvas waterproofer is available online and at DIY shops.

      Read our article on TentBox's waterproofing.


      TentBox Protection 

      If you want to put your TentBox on your car year-round, protect it from the weather. 

      TentBox Lite includes a PVC cover to place on when closed. Soft-top TentBox Lite needs further protection. We offer spares on our website if you lose yours.

      If you possess a TentBox Classic and want to keep it looking fresher for longer, get the protective cover to preserve the ABS shell from the weather. Easy to use!

      The TentBox Cargo is robust, durable aluminium and features stainless steel fasteners. Although we want to make a protective cover for this type shortly, it can take being on your car permanently.


      Mould Avoidance 

      When storing your TentBox on your car year-round, ensure it's dry before closing it to prevent mould.

      We have a detailed essay on preventing moisture and mould in TentBoxes. Read it!


      Security Protection

      If you leave your TentBox on your car permanently, you risk theft. To avoid this danger, it's best to take precautions.

      For added peace of mind, consider insuring your TentBox.

      Read the next section on TentBox Security Solutions.


      11. What security measures can I take to protect my TentBox?

      Here are a few recommendations about keeping your TentBox secure throughout the year.

      Use Security Nuts

      You can purchase security nuts to reduce the chance of theft. They require a specialised socket to install and remove and cannot be removed with normal spanners.

      Lock your TentBox in a closed position

      If you want extra security to make sure your TentBox is locked in a closed position then you can use lockable straps. They wrap around your TentBox to stop others from opening it. 

      Remove your ladder while you sleep

      You can decide to un-attach your ladder and bring it into your sleeping set-up with you if you are concerned with keeping your ladder out.

      You can do this with the TentBox Classic and TentBox Cargo.

      However, the TentBox Lite ladder is used as partial support and cannot be removed.

      Insuring your TentBox

      For further peace of mind if the worst case scenario happens then taking out insurance on your rooftop tent is the best option.

      We recommend the Camping and Caravanning Club


      12. How to use a TentBox roof tent in high wind speed conditions?


      Windy TentBox camping 

      All TentBox versions can open in 38km/h winds. Numerous members of our group have endured windier evenings, and their TentBox hasn't failed them.


      Will my TentBox collapse in the wind?

      TentBoxes are elevated off the ground, making it hard for the wind to blow them shut.




      TentBox Classic and TentBox Cargo are kept open by hydraulic rams/gas struts. The TentBox Classic has gas struts in all 4 corners, making it exceptionally strong, and the TentBox Cargo can support up to 40kg on its extra roof bars while remaining safely open - severe winds are no match for this TentBox.


      Overhang tentbox lite


      TentBox Lite appears to have less support on the overhanging side, yet it locks together in the middle to provide a robust foundation. Even if the wind knocked the ladder out of place, the TentBox would still be safe in your car. 


      Where to camp? Best orientation? 


      Checking the wind direction before setting up might help limit the effects of heavy wind. Wind should hit the tent's narrowest area.

      The TentBox Cargo has an aerodynamic wedge shape, so the wind strikes the hinge/angled and flat sides.

      TentBox Classic is best used with the vehicle's back towards the wind. Wind should face the TentBox Lite's opposite ladder.



      Set up the tent in a protected area to avoid the wind.


      Avoid setting up for the night amongst large trees in windy conditions. Debris, branches and other objects can can fall or hit your TentBox. Choose a spot that is slightly in the open to keep you away from hazardous objects in the wild. 


      Anything else?

      Remove the tent's porch poles and tie down the cloth if it's very windy. You don't want poles to come out and shred cloth or damage neighbouring objects.

      Your TentBox will stay robust and durable in windy weather, but it will be louder; earplugs are recommended for camping in severe weather.


      13. How to use TentBox in low temperature? 


      We understand that winter camping isn't for everyone, so your TentBox may be in storage. All the TentBox types perform well in cold temperatures and snowy adventures ahead!

      If you want to read an in-depth article on Camping in the Winter which comes with a handy checklist!

      Roof tents are better insulated than ground tents. In a TentBox, you're 1–2m off the ground so you won't feel the cold. Heat travels quicker through solid than air; a ground tent's foundation loses heat, but a TentBox roof tent keeps you warmer for longer.


      TentBox roof tents are made from sturdier 280gsm rip-stop fabric than ground tents. Ground tents are meant to be carried; therefore, they must sacrifice weight and fabric thickness. Installing a TentBox on your car reduces weight and improves insulation. 


      TentBox Cargo and TentBox Classic have hard-shell tops and bases to keep you warm. The insulated shells prevent heat from escaping and keep your TentBox warm.


      Accessory suggestions



      The Winter Insulation is perfect for TentBox Classic users who want to continue adventuring in the winter.

      Insulation simply adds to any TentBox Classic model, creating a cosy pod. It's not only functional but also handy; the TentBox Classic can close with it all winter. 


      TentBox Down Blanket

      Winter escapades require our down blanket. The duck down filling keeps heat in and cold out; they're lightweight and cosy, and the TentBox staff uses them often. The double blanket fits into a 15cm by 20cm bag, making it portable.

       TentBox Down Blanket


      14. Can I install a TentBox truck bed tent?


      TentBox truck roof tent installation


      If you have a truck, place TentBox on the back cab/bed instead of the front cab/roof. This is doable, but you must take safety precautions.

      Outdoor Roadie Ltd. is not liable if you put it on a vehicle bed as this is a customisation.


      Materials Safety

      Fibreglass or inexpensive plastic is used for certain rear cabs. They aren't meant to handle a TentBox safely. Check your handbook to see what material it's made from.

      Steel-framed truck beds are better for mounting a TentBox. Again, consult your vehicle's handbook or dealership.




      You must check the bed/weight cab's restriction before installing your TentBox.

      The weight limit must be at least as much as TentBox.

      TentBox Lite - 50kg

      TentBox Classic - 64.5kg

      TentBox Cargo - 64kg


      15. Can I place a TentBox roof tent on a vehicle with an integrated vent/fan?


      If you can't remove a roof vent, you can still install a TentBox.

      Roof vents are frequently found on bigger vehicles (like vans) when the roof design is larger than TentBox. TentBox may not block the vent.

      If your roof is too small, you may sometimes place a TentBox over an air vent.

      The TentBox sits on crossbars lifted from the ceiling, so look for ones with extra height. Crossbars are 5-10cm high.