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TentBox Lite Soft-Shell Rooftop Tent - Black Edition

by Tentbox
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A rooftop tent that fits your charming hatchback with the lightweight & compact TentBox Lite

Imagine waking up in the great outdoors with a gorgeous mountain range behind you. 

Breathing in the cool morning air you peak the early sunrise in the background. 

You climb out of your Tentbox Lite and pack up the tent quickly with smiling knowing you will beat everyone else to the amazing views with a short walk to the hotspot..

You start your walk, with the sun gleaming down on your face and it is so peaceful right now.

Then you make it... and the view is sensational.

And you've made it long before the beautiful views get overcrowded.

You're energised, stress-free and can continue your days adventure with all the time in the world.

What makes the TentBox Lite suitable for almost every vehicle?

Weighing in at just 50kgs the TentBox Lite is easily one of the lightest soft-shell rooftop tents on the market. 

This means it is very likely it'll meet your car's static and dynamic weight load.

Your car manufacture will have a roof weight load (which is the maximum weight your car allows whilst driving)

Now that may sound techy.. but it isn't

It simply means:

You need to do a quick check that the roof weight load is greater than the TentBox Lite and roof bars combined and you're all good.

Don't worry about the added weight of you & your partner on top of the tent as the Static weight load is usually 5x the dynamic roof weight load but its always good to check!

We strongly advise never to exceed your cars maximum weight load in any capacity 

Additionally, when closed the TentBox Lite is folded in half making it super compact, taking much less space on the roof.

Measuring 140 x 120 x 27cm when closed and on top of the roof the Tentbox Lite is aerodynamic being kind to fuel costs to your favourite locations compared to other rooftop tents.

The awesome benefits don't just stop there. Here are five great benefits that will make the TentBox Lite right for you:

  • Large space for comfort. There is great space in here for comfort and those who love rolling around in their sleep.

A foam mattress measuring in at 140cm by 240cm is only slightly smaller than a queen size bed (which are usually 153cm by 203cm).

The comfy mattress will allow you to great a great nights sleep before your adventure the very next day.

  • Great water resistance. Keep your mind at ease that there are no leakages in the tent during the inevitable rain in Britain.

With waterproof silicone-taped seams throughout with the outter hood boasting a 600D Nylon with 4000mm Hydrostatic Head Rating.

Again, this may sound techy..

It just means that during testing the column of water was 4 metres (4000mm) tall before the material leaked so we think you're safe even if we're in the UK!

This allows you to take out the rooftop tent for a spin all year round during the inevitable rain in the UK.

  • Great Wind resistance for the blustery UK weather! Tested to withstand up to 39kmph or gale force 8 winds.

Giving you peace of mind that they can withstand the blustery whether in the UK.

Go ahead and book that trip despite those windy forecasts with no worries of being blown away unless there is a hurricane.

  • Keep the creepy crawlys out. All doors and windows including the skylight come with a fine anti-fly mesh. Perfect for those who are not insect people! 
  • 5 Year warranty for peace of mind. Got a problem? We’ll fix it under for up to 5 years warranty…. You won't have to worry about the security of your investment.

Hit the Blue “Add to Cart” button right now and we will quickly ship your very own, easy to use, Rooftop Tent to you today.

    Technical Specifications
    What’s Included? Telescopic Ladder, High-Density Foam Mattress, Fixing Kit, Welcome Pack (with fairy lights!)
    Sleeping Capacity 3 person
    Initial Installation 30 minutes
    Set-Up Time (once installed) 5 minutes
    Opening Mechanism Manual, fold out
    Skylight ✔️
    Seasons 4 Season
    Wind Rating Up to 39mph (Gale force 8)
    Anti-Bug Mesh ✔️
    Product Weight 50kgs
    Internal Weight Capacity 300kgs
    Dimensions (closed) 140 x 120 x 27cm
    Dimensions (open) 140 x 240cm x 110cm
    Sleeping Area (mattress) 138 x 240 cm
    Main Pod Fabric Breathable 280gsm rip-stop canvas, with a 2000mm Hydrostatc Head Rating
    Outer Hood Fabric 600D Nylon with 4000mm Hydrostatic Head Rating. Waterproof silicone-taped seams throughout
    Base & Frame Construction Steel reinforced honeycomb-aluminium base panels with aluminium framework and stainless steel hinges and fixings.
    Mattress 6cm High-Density Foam Mattress
    British Design ✔️
    Warranty 5-year extended (included in the price)
    What you get when you purchase with us!

    Want your TentBox Lite quick & fast with no hassle?

    What's included?

      • Your amazing TentBox Lite!
      • PDF Guide to the best camping areas in the UK 
      • In-depth PDF guide to the best camping sites in the UK
      • Free & Fast Shipping to the UK Mainland
      • Welcome pack with Earplugs + Bamboo Toothbrush
      • Some awesome Fairy Lights
      • Telescopic Ladder + High-Density Foam Mattress + Fixing Kit

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