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Femkes Khosi Family Assembled on Mini

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Femkes Khosi Family Assembled on Mini

1. Schedule a Call

Not sure what is the right roof tent for you? We will walk you through all there is to know about roof tents and provide suggestions tailored to you.

2. Book your delivery

Choose a day that is convenient for you to receive your roof tent.

3. Install your Roof Tent

Install with our handy guide or If you prefer to pick it up you can get it installed!

4. Start Exploring!

Turn you weekends into holidays and start feeling carefree & active!

WildLand Voyager 2.0 160 Family Lifestyle

You no longer have to struggle with:

WildLand Voyager 2.0 160 Family Lifestyle

  • Feeling stuck, overworked whilst doing the same routine
  • Not taking your annual holiday allowance - take short breaks & use them up!
  • Having to fly everywhere for a holiday
  • Not feeling connected to yourself and loved ones
  • Boring weekends with restless kids
  • Sleeping in an uncomfortable ground tent
  • Taking ages to set up a ground tent and nailing all the pegs in the ground
  • Worrying about picking the wrong tent - speak to an expert who will tailor to your needs

Don’t postpone your trip, you’ve worked too hard and too long to not enjoy the outdoors with your family & friends

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Our Guide on the Best Roof Tents of 2024

Dive into the best roof tents this year in 2023

Plus! Everything you need to know about roof tents:

1. How do roof tents work?

2. How to install a roof tent

3. How much weight can I put on my car?

4. Hard-shell vs Soft-shell roof tent pros & cons

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