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How does EcoFlow X-Boost work?

EcoFlow X-Boost


Whether you're interested in purchasing an EcoFlow portable power station or you're already a proud owner of an EcoFlow you may be curious as to what the X-Boost feature that comes with each portable power station. In this article we'll look into what the X-Boost technology is, how it helps and exactly when it is used.

What is EcoFlow's X-Boost?

X-Boost is EcoFlow's proprietary technology designed to allow the user to use appliances with a higher power output than the EcoFlow portable power station you are using.

This is because the power rating which is displayed on your appliance can sometimes be double what is displayed when the appliance is first turned on. This may causes inverters to overload which will cause your power system to fail. The X-Boost technology also allows you to run appliances with a higher power rating for a limited period.

How does EcoFlow X-Boost Work?

The EcoFlow X-Boost utilizes an advanced battery management system that optimizes power output and maximizes efficiency. By intelligently monitoring the power needs of your devices, it can deliver a surge of power when necessary, ensuring smooth operation without any interruptions. This feature is particularly useful for devices that require high power output during startup or heavy usage.

X-Boost features an intelligent voltage control which allows it to reduce the voltage allowing you to power devices with a lower-rated inverter, giving you more for less.

Other things to know about EcoFlow X-Boost

1. X-Boost is enabled by default on your portable power station

X-Boost comes enabled right out of the box with your portable power station. In order to switch this off you can use the EcoFlow app to turn it on or off.

2. When X-Boost is on do not connect the AC output to the grid

Do not connect your portable power station to the plug socket as this will activate low-voltage protection. This will stop X-Boost being enabled to use your appliance with a higher power rating.

3. X-Boost will not be enabled when your EcoFlow portable power station is charging.

4. Not suitable for every appliance

X-Boost is typically more suitable for heating and electrical equipment, but not for all electrical appliances. Some electrical appliances equipped with voltage protection (such as precision instruments, etc.) are not suitable for X-Boost. To confirm whether the device is compatible with X-Boost, please refer to the actual test.

5. If you’re connecting multiple devices to your EcoFlow portable power station, the change of voltage may affect device usage performance. Please conduct a full test with your devices before usage.

Key features of EcoFlow

EcoFlow is loaded with features that make it a versatile and reliable source of power. Here are some of its key features:

1. Multiple ports and outlets

The X-Boost comes with a variety of ports and outlets, including USB-A, USB-C, DC, and AC outlets. This allows you to charge and power a wide range of devices, from smartphones and laptops to refrigerators and power tools.

2. Solar charging capability

The X-Boost can be charged using solar panels, which makes it an excellent choice for outdoor enthusiasts who need a reliable source of power.

3. Lightweight and portable

Despite its power and versatility, the X-Boost is surprisingly lightweight and easy to transport. It weighs just 14 pounds and comes with a carrying handle, which makes it easy to take with you on the go.


So hopefully this answers your questions around EcoFlow's X-boost technology and how it may benefit you in your power charging needs. If you have any other questions around EcoFlow's products or portable power stations in general then please get in touch at or call us on 020 3576 0569.