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Ventura Roof Tent Deluxe 1.4 vs Tent & Trail Compact Series Review

Between these two roof tents is a great match up in terms of value for money and cost as both come with annexes included. If you're looking for an introduction into roof tents sub £1,000 then the Tent & Trail Compact Series and the Ventura Deluxe 1.4 are great options.

In this review we compare the features between the two roof tents to help decide which is the better option for you. We will compare price, mattress, weather resistance, size, weight a sleeping dimensions so you are well informed.

Tent & Trail Compact Series

The Tent & Trail Compact Series is a 2-3 person soft shell roof tent with a fold out design. It is smaller in dimensions than its brother the Explore series but has great internal space.

Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Tent 

The Ventura Deluxe 1.4 is also a soft-shell roof tent with the fold out design and has been a popular choice for entry level roof tent users due to the price and availability.


1. Materials Comparison

The materials used in a roof tent are major factors you will need to consider when deciding which roof tent is best for you and our budget. The right material directly impacts weather resistance, breathability, weight and durability.

Tent and Trail uses a 420D rip-stop polyester Oxford material, offering a water resistance rating of 2500mm HH and resistance to UV and mould.

Tent & Trail Compact Series Materials:

+ 420D rip-stop polyester oxford material
+ Water Resistance 2500mm
+ UV Resistance
+ Mould Resistance

Tent & Trail Compact Series Annex Body:

+ 420D rip-stop polyester oxford material
+ Water Resistance 2500mm
+ UV Resistance
+ Mould Resistance
+ Annex Floor - removable heavy-duty 600 GSM PVC material, waterproof and UV resistant.

Ventura Deluxe employs a robust aluminised rip-stop Poly Cotton Canvas fabric for ultimate weather protection. This material is waterproof, UV-resistant, and anti-tear, ideal for adventurers who face unpredictable weather. 

Ventura Deluxe Materials

+ Poly Cotton Canvas PU 3000mm
+ UV protection
+ Anti tear

Annex Body:

+ Poly Cotton Canvas PU 3000mm
+ UV protection
+ Anti tear

Both tents provide durability and weather resistance, but Ventura Deluxe has a slight edge in material quality. However, if mould resistance is important to you, the Tent and Trail series offers this additional protection.

2. Mattress and Thickness comparison

As you will likely be camping for multiple days at a time, the comfort and thickness of a mattress is important when you camp. A good night's sleep allows you to feel refreshed for the days adventure so choosing the roof tent with the right mattress is super important. 

Both tents promise a cosy sleeping experience but offer different mattress options.

Ventura Deluxe Mattress:

Ventura Deluxe provides a 2-inch high-density foam mattress covered in durable fabric.

+ 2-inch high density foam non deforming mattress
+ Heavy-duty zippered cotton cover

Tent and Trail take comfort a step further with a 6cm high-density foam mattress.

Tent & Trail Compact Series Mattress:

+ 60mm high-density foam mattress
+ Fitted washable travel cover
+ Mattress cover topped with 120 GSM poly-cotton


If thickness and comfort are what you seek, Tent and Trail's Compact Series has the advantage of a thicker mattress. This could be particularly important for those prioritising comfort during outdoor adventures.

3. Sleeping Area Comparison

With picking the right mattress, the sleeping area and size of the sleeping area is one of the most important factors. You need the right amount of space to sleep in for your frequent camping trips, especially with a partner or a small family and some roof tents maybe too small for you.

Ventura Deluxe Sleeping area:

+ Ventura Deluxe accommodates up to 3 adults in a 240x140cm space.
+ Storage pockets
+ Large windows

Tent & Trail Compact Series Sleeping area:

+ Three adult space with a 240x140cm area.
+ Skylight for night and day time viewing
+ Large windows
+ Storage pockets
+ LED Light strip with switch
+ Internal air vents & fabric wrapped poles to prevent condensation


Dimension & Weight Comparison:

The weight of the roof tent is extremely important for safety reasons. If you install a roof tent too heavy for your vehicles dynamic roof load and your roof bars dynamic roof load then you risk your roof tent falling off and causing serious injury. We always advise those looking to purchase a roof tent to check their dynamic roof load limit which can be found in your vehicles manual and purchase a roof tent which falls comfortable below this limit.

Main Roof Tent

The Ventura Deluxe 1.4

Open Dimensions: 310x143x126CM
Closed Dimensions: 150x125x30CM 
Weight: 45kg

Tent and Trail Compact Series

Open Dimensions: 143 x 240 x 126CM
Closed Dimensions: 140 x120 x 30CM 
Weight: 57kg

While both tents are compact when folded, the Tent and Trail Compact Series offers a more compact size useful for those who want a smaller footprint on their roof. This is beneficial if you have a smaller vehicle but still want ample space.

Annex Dimensions

Tent and Trail Compact Series Annex

Dimension: 200 cm x 200 cm x 210cm (WxLxH)

The Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Annex 

Dimension: 220 cm x 220 cm x 210cm (WxLxH)


4. Weather Resistance

Tent & Trail Compact Series

2500mm HH Rating
+ UV Resistance
+ Mould resistant
+ Waterproof resistant YKK brand zippers
Uprated thick seam tape for better waterproofing

The Ventura Deluxe 1.4

+ 3000mm HH Rating
+ 55mph Wind tested
+ UV Resistance

5. Additional Features

It's important to consider bonus features that come with a roof tent. They can offer extra practicality and can help make your trip a more relaxing and enjoyable trip. This could include extra storage space, breathability or extra warranty for peace of mind.


Tent & Trail Compact Series Bonus Features

Zip-in Annexe Room
+ 2x shoe bags
+ 1x LED Strips with switch
+ Storage Net under Roof Tent 
+ Skylights
+ 2 Year Warranty

Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Bonus Features

+ Telescopic ladder extendable to 2.3m for additional cost
+ 2 Year Warranty
Zip-in Annexe Room

Price Comparison:

Everyone needs to determine what they are wiling to spend on a roof tent as it can get expensive. After understanding the differences in features above, you can now make a decision based on value linked to the final price.

Starting at £999.00, the Tent & Trail Compact Series comes at a higher price point.

Priced at £925, the Ventura Deluxe 1.4 Roof Top Tent offers a competitive package. This tent seems to be the more economical option for adventurers working with a tighter budget. The Ventura Deluxe also comes with an annex room.