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Dometic Boracay TC 401 Air Tent


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Dometic Boracay TC 401 Air Tent

Dometic Boracay TC 401 Air Tent Overview

The Dometic Boracay TC 401 Air Tent redefines the camping experience by offering an astonishingly spacious interior, thanks to its unique rear storage area and Sleep-Tite darkened bedrooms. With an exterior height of 200cm and deeper 225cm bedrooms featuring a boxy design, this tent provides ample room for large camp beds and airbeds, ensuring a restful sleep away from the early morning light.

The practical layout maximizes internal space, allowing for an organized and clutter-free environment, perfect for small families or couples seeking a luxurious camping experience.

Advanced Features for Ultimate Convenience

Crafted from Weathershield™ Airflow Classic polycotton, the Boracay TC 401 not only offers excellent breathability for those warmer days but also ensures durability and weather resistance. The tent's inflatable oversized tubes make setup a breeze, achievable in just 9 minutes by a single person.

Additionally, the fully sewn-in groundsheet, zip-up curtains, and Sabrelink-ready design provide privacy, security, and the option for enhanced lighting. Whether facing unpredictable weather or seeking a cozy shelter, the rain safe brow canopy and additional zip-on canopy extend your living space, making every camping trip comfortable and enjoyable.

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Dometic Boracay TC 401 Air Tent Features

  • Rear Storage Section - Maximize internal space and use as a wardrobe
  • Oversized Inflatable Frame structure - Quick and easy pole-free pitching
  • Weathershield Airflow Classic polycotton flysheet - Breathable material for comfortable interior temperature and reduced condensation
  • Zip curtains and bedroom dividers - Convenient privacy and hanging options
  • High & Low-level mesh vents - Improved airflow and reduced condensation
  • Darkened Sleeptite bedroom - Blocks out early morning light for better sleep
  • Sewn-in Groundsheet - Bug and draught-free environment
  • Waterproof PE groundsheet - Added waterproof protection
  • Rain Safe Brow Canopy - Provides shelter and additional space
  • Covered entrance - Prevents rain from dripping into the living area
  • Double zip door - Increased ventilation options
  • Diamond Clear windows - Maximizes light and visibility
  • Low and high ventilation - Comfortable airflow and reduced condensation
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Dometic Boracay TC 401 Air Tent Specs

Specs Features
Exterior height 200cm
Pack Size 82 x 48 x 42 cm
Weight 33.2kg
Pitching time 9 mins
Sewn-in Groundsheet PE 10 x 10 130 g/m² 10,000 mm HH
Material Weathershield Airflow Classic polycotton
Frame Inflatable Oversized Tubes
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