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TentBox Cargo Roof Bars

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Carry your sports equipment on your TentBox Cargo with these Roof Bars

Imagine waking up in the great outdoors with a gorgeous mountain range behind you.

You're well rested, up early for the sunrise and can breathe in the cool morning air.

You climb out of your Tentbox Cargo and pack up the tent quickly with everything secured and get your stuff ready for the day.

You're smiling knowing you will be first to bike through the trail you've been planning for weeks

You grab your mountain bike off the top of the cargo, hop on with your backpack and start cycling with the sun gleaming down on your face.

You cycle on the meandering trail, through the forest making excellent time until suddenly you make it... and the view is sensational.

And you've made it long before the beautiful views get overcrowded.

You're energised, stress-free and can continue your days adventure with all the time in the world.

What is the weight limit of the Roof Bars?

It's important to keep the maximum weight load of the additional cross bars on the TentBox Cargo in mind when loading up for your next trip:

When the unit is closed: 100kg limit

When the unit is open: 40kg limit


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