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Latitude Thermal Inner Tent Liner

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Stay warm and cosy well into the Winter Months

Imagine waking up in the warm comfort. You breathe out and there's no condensation from the cold to see it

You fell asleep knowing how chilly it was last night

And can't imagine how cold it got outside in the middle of the night.

But you didn't feel it or wake up from it. You got a full nights sleep.

You climb out of your Crua Culla Cocoon, pack up the tent quickly, have everything secured and get your stuff ready for the day.

You're smiling knowing you can do this night after night.

You get ready for your day hike, start your walk, with the cold fresh air breezing on your face appreciating how peaceful it is.

You're energised, stress-free and can continue your days adventure with all the time in the world.

How does it fit with the Latitude Tents?

They mount to the framework inside the tent, and wrap around your mattress to make sure no drafts get in.

Each side has zip up windows & entrances with our rubber zippers, plus four pockets inside to keep your essentials close.

Hit the Blue “Buy It Now” button below right now and we will quickly ship your very own, easy to install, inner tent to you today.

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