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TentBox Classic 2.0 vs TentBox Classic 1.0 Features Review - What's New?

TentBox has been a pioneer in the rooftop tent industry, providing outdoor enthusiasts with innovative and convenient camping solutions. With their latest release, the TentBox Classic 2.0, they have taken their already popular TentBox Classic model to new heights. In this article, we will explore the key differences between the original TentBox Classic and its upgraded counterpart, highlighting the improvements and new features that will make a super popular choice for those looking to get a new roof tent.

Key Takeaways:

  • Great new colour options in Midnight Black, Forest Green & the TentBox Colour - Sunset Orange
  • Improved rain & water resistance up from 2500 HH Rating to 3000 HH Rating
  • New improved dual layer 6cm mattress with waterproof mattress cover
  • Smaller mattress size in width from 125cm to 120cm
  • Extra goodies such as an integrated LED Light bar, Larger storage pockets and now you can connect the Living Pod

The Classic 1.0

The TentBox Classic has become a popular choice among campers as it was the first of the TentBox range. With a 2-person sleeping capacity, it is perfect for couples or friends seeking adventure in the great outdoors. And what it offered was a quick and easy 60-second setup time means less time spent assembling a tent and more time enjoying nature which was unheard of at the time. 

Not only that The TentBox Classic 1.0 had great weather resistance and boasted a 4-season weather resistance capability. This means that no matter the season, the TentBox Classic will provide a comfortable and secure shelter from the elements. On top of this it had wind resistance up to 39mph.

Summary of Classic 1.0 features:

  • Sleeping capacity: 2 people
  • Set up time: 60 seconds with gas struts
  • Opening mechanism: Automatic
  • Wind rating: Up to 39mph (Gale force 8)
  • Seasons: 4 season
  • Internal weight capacity: 300 kg
  • Anti-bug mesh: Yes, on all windows and doors
  • Store bedding inside: Yes
  • Integrated storage: Cargo net on the ceiling and large side pockets
  • Ladder: Telescopic, with spring-loaded brackets


The release of TentBox Classic 2.0

The TentBox Classic 2.0 released on the 13th February 2024. The TentBox Classic 2.0 is the next generation of the TentBox Classic, building upon the great features of the Classic 1.0. Its designed with enhanced features to make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable.

Great features that remained the same:

  • Sleeping capacity: 2 people
  • Set up time: 60 seconds with gas struts
  • Opening mechanism: Automatic
  • Wind rating: Up to 39mph (Gale force 8)
  • Seasons: 4 season
  • Internal weight capacity: 300 kg
  • Anti-bug mesh: Yes, on all windows and doors
  • Store bedding inside: Yes
  • Integrated storage: Roof net & internal storage pockets
  • Ladder: Telescopic, with spring-loaded brackets and ‘lay-flat’ comfort rungs



What are the Enhancements?

Lets look at a quick comparison chart showing the differences between the TentBox Classic 1.0 vs the Classic 2.0.

TentBox Classic 2.0 Comparison vs Classic 1.0

However, there are a number of improvements which we need to get into detail but there are a lot focused on the material which impacts the durability and weather resistance of the new Classic 2.0.


1. Design & Colourways

Matte black outer shell

The outer shell has changed from the shiny finish to the matte black finish which we think looks great as the aerodynamic frame is the first thing you see. The matte black finish should be better for scuff marks over time. 

New Colourways

Right off the bat we can see that there are three new colours for the Classic 2.0. The midnight black, forest green and the colour made popular by Tentbox; the sunset orange.


Now we're not strangers to these new colourways as this was introduced with the TentBox Lite 2.0 and Lite XL in 2023 but are welcomed options for those who want either a stealthy black colourway or a pop of colour to their roof tent. Previously the Classic 1.0 came in blue and for a short time had the outer shell in white.


2. Improved water & weather resistance

As discussed the Classic 2.0 is still a 4 season roof tent, designed to withstand the majority of weather conditions in the UK. It comes with a Wind rating of up to 39mph (Gale force 8), ensuring stability and safety during strong winds.

However, the main improvement in the new Classic 2.0 is its enhanced water and weather resistance. The Hydrostatic Head Rating has been increased to 3000mm, up from 2500mm in the previous model. This means that the tent fabric can effectively resist water penetration up to 3000mm, providing better protection during heavy rainfall and damp conditions.

The improved water resistance ensures that campers stay dry and comfortable in the tent, even during harsh weather conditions.


C6 DWR (water-repellency) 

C6 DWR (Durable Water Repellent) refers to a chemical treatment applied to fabrics to make them water-resistant. This type of treatment helps fabric surfaces repel water, causing water to bead up and roll off instead of soaking through. This technology is commonly used in outdoor and performance clothing.

Other waterproofing improvements:

Seams: Waterproof, silicone taped

Zips: YKK outdoor zips throughout. Waterproof zips on windows

Insulated interior roof: lined with insulated fabric to keep you warm during winter months



3. Enhanced UV protection

The Classic 2.0 now boasts enhanced UV50+ protection on its canvas material, a significant upgrade from the protective agent used in the Classic 1.0. This improvement ensures that the fabric provides superior protection against harmful UV rays, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities and prolonged sun exposure.


4. Improved storage

What made the Classic 1.0 popular was the ability to store your bedding inside when the roof tent was closed and packed away, saving packing up time and gives great convenience when campers want to get up and go to their next destination.

You'll be glad to hear that they improved on the ability to store away bedding and now you will be able to store thick pillows and your bedding where you were only able to store your bedding and thin covers.


Integrated storage

The Classic 2.0 includes an integrated storage system that is more comprehensive, offering better organisation and convenience for users. This new system consists of a roof net, four hanging side pockets, and a specific bag designed for storing porch poles.

The inclusion of a roof net allows for additional overhead storage, providing a convenient space for lightweight items that need to be accessed quickly or stored out of the way. The four hanging side pockets are a significant upgrade from the Classic 1.0's large side pockets, offering more organised storage spaces for smaller items, such as personal belongings, camping tools, or electronic devices, helping to keep the tent interior tidy and items within easy reach.


5. Enhanced Comfort Features

Improved mattress

TentBox have upgraded the mattress from a 6cm high density foam to a Dual-layer 6cm foam mattress, providing you with even more comfort and support for a better night's sleep.

This is a change from the high-density single layer mattress found in the TentBox Classic 1.0.

The new mattress also has better waterproofing material used with a wipeable cover which is extremely handy if you get extra condensation build up in the roof tent or if the rain gets in through an open window. 


6. Living Pod Compatible 

The TentBox Classic 2.0 has been enhanced to support a significant accessory that amplifies its functionality and versatility: the Living Pod, specifically designed for the Classic 2.0 model. This addition represents a thoughtful expansion of the TentBox's utility, addressing the needs of outdoor enthusiasts who seek a more comprehensive and comfortable camping experience.

The Living Pod for the Classic 2.0 is engineered to quickly and easily create a sheltered area adjacent to the tent. This feature is ideal for campers who want to extend their living space beyond the confines of the tent itself. Whether facing rain or seeking refuge from the sun's rays, the Living Pod provides a versatile solution. It enables users to hunker down comfortably in inclement weather or to enjoy a shaded retreat during sunny conditions. The innovative 'wing-mode' further enhances the sheltered area, offering an even larger space for relaxation, dining, or socializing, effectively blending the outdoor experience with a touch of home comfort.

7. Extra Improvements

There a lot of extra goodies that come with the new TentBox that makes all the difference.

Integrated LED Light Bar

The TentBox Classic 2.0 comes with a rechargeable and dimmable LED Light bar.

The light bar can be used in the transparent sleeves to light up the inside of the TentBox or it can be removed and used as a torch.

The light bar can also be used to charge your phone. Just remember to charge the light before you head out on a trip. 

It also has magnets on the back to attach it to your car and light up your camp area.

Telescopic Ladder

Like the previous version you can enter the TentBox Classic via a telescopic ladder which comes included. What's great is that the ladder can be stored inside the TentBox when driving.


Attaching using secure spring pins either side of the Classic 2.0 allows you to enter on either side of the roof tent. 

The telescopic ladder extends to 2.3m fitting the majority of vehicles but you can request one to extend to 2.6m. 

Flat ladder rungs are angled, which means they're softer on your feet when you climb in and out. This makes it easier and less uncomfortable when climbing without shoes on.


8. Reduced Price

The TentBox Classic 2.0 actually reduced in price from £2,250 to £2,195 from its predecessor which is great as it makes the roof tent more affordable whilst packing a tonne of extra value and improvements from the previous model.


New TentBox Classic 2.0
TentBox Classic 2.0 Image

TentBox Classic 2.0

Great 60 second setup

This isn't just any tent; it's a bedroom perched atop your vehicle. Boasting a boxy shape that maximizes internal space, it allows for the storage of gear, bedding, and pillows even when closed.

From traveller to relaxed camper in just 60 seconds

Just 60 seconds stand between you and a restful night's sleep in your elevated, cozy retreat.

Through the use of advanced gas struts that smoothly lift the tent into position with minimal effort. Simply release the latches, and the tent expands into its full, spacious form, ready to welcome you into its comfortable embrace.

The automatic opening mechanism is not only a testament to modern engineering but also ensures that setting up camp is a hassle-free, almost instantaneous process.

Dummy Image
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Dummy Image

Details That Make a Difference

  • Sleeping Capacity: Room for 2, ensuring a cozy retreat after a day of adventure.
  • Quick Setup: Automatic opening in 60 seconds, because your time should be spent exploring.
  • Durability Meets Design: Matte black ABS shell, aluminum frame, and stainless steel components for a blend of elegance and endurance.
  • Comfort in Every Aspect: A dual-layer foam mattress, integrated storage solutions, and the versatility of a porch for moments of relaxation.
  • High-Performance Fabrics: 280gsm rip-stop polyester canvas ensures you stay dry and protected, no matter the weather.
Sleeping Capacity 2 People
Wind Rating Up to 39mph (Gale force 8)
Water Resistance 3000mm hydrostatic head rating
Weight 67kg
Open Size 128 x 218 x 100cm
Closed Size 128 x 218 x 35
Mattress Dual-layer 6cm foam, wipeable cover
Fabric 280gsm rip-stop polyester canvas & UV50+ protection


  • Setup in 60 seconds
  • Great water resistance
  • Living Pod compatible
  • Comfy mattress with wipeable cover


  • Not suitable for small families

Changes to Weight & Dimensions



When considering weight for your roof tent, it's important to stay aware of any changes that could impact the overall load on your vehicle. In this case, the weight of the roof tent has increased from 65kg to 67kg. 

This is not a massive difference from the previous model but it's worth noting when determining what you can fit on your roof with your dynamic weight limits.

Before hitting the road, it's recommended to review your vehicle's dynamic roof load limit and ensure that the addition of the roof tent, along with any other equipment or luggage, still falls within the limits.

Larger dimensions

The TentBox Classic 2.0 is slight bigger than its previous design at W: 128 x L: 218 x H:35cm versus W: 128 x L: 210 x H:35cm.

It has essentially gotten 8cm longer lengthways. 

Smaller mattress size

The mattress for the Classic 2.0 has reduced slightly from 125cm x 210cm to 120cm x 210cm.

Whilst not a big difference this will make it a more snug fit width wise if you plan to go travelling with a partner. 


Should you get the new TentBox Classic 2.0?

If you are a fan of the box shape roof tent then the TentBox Classic 2.0 is a fantastic option. With the new upgrades to its fabric material for better water and weather resistance its a great upgrade. Also the thought additions of flat ladder rungs and an LED Light bar and good storage options shows TentBox have really thought of the customer and their comfort during camping trips.

If you need any advice at all feel free to call in on 0203 576 0569 or email us at

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