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Crua Outdoors FAQs

 1. Shipping & Delivery FAQs


The full Shipping Policy can be found here.

The full Return Policy can be found here.


2. General Rooftop Tent Guide

Read our list of the Top 10 Rooftop Tents in the UK  

Want answers to questions on rooftop tents? Click here 


3. Crua Installation & Manuals


 Watch the installation video and manuals here.


4. Crua Product FAQs

Why should I buy from you instead of Crua?


That's a very good question! We love Crua Outdoors but in short this is why:

1. Guide to the best camping areas in the UK


Stuck on where to go on your very first camping trip? We have a handy pdf guide on the best camping areas in the UK with each of our rooftop tent purchases.

Camping Area Guide 

2. In-depth guide to the Top 5 Camping Sites in the UK


Want to go even deeper with campsite recommendations? We have another pdf guide of to the top 5 camping sites in the UK for you and your rooftop tent so you know what to expect!

 Guide to best campsites UK

3. Earn Amazon gift vouchers


We really appreciate your feedback but understand it can be a hassle! Send us a photo review and save money by receiving an Amazon e-voucher so you can spend on other gear you need for the trip!

 Earn Amazon Gift Cards

4. You're covered! You get the same warranty and care as you would with Crua Outdoors! 


You get all the benefits of buying with Crua Outdoors with us.


Will insulation prevent heat transfer?


Yes. It is just as efficient at preventing heat from entering the tent on sweltering days as it prevents heat from leaving the tent on chilly days or at night.

It is crucial to remember that the purpose of insulation is not actually to generate heat; instead, its primary function is to inhibit the transfer of heat through it; it acts more like a barrier.

Consider the means through which a house is kept warm.

The home does not have either central heating or air conditioning; nonetheless, it is well insulated, so the temperature inside is maintained at a more comfortable level throughout the year.

You generate heat inside (either with your body or a portable heater) whenever it's cold outdoors, and insulation helps keep that heat from escaping.

Insulation is a barrier that helps keep the heat out when it is hot outdoors.

If you have a portable fan or air conditioner, the insulation will assist capture the cool air generated by those devices.

The thermal conductivity of our insulation is 0.03 W/(m. K), which is excellent for maintaining the ideal temperature inside the tent. Check out our cold weather test for more:


How well does sound insulation work?


Crua's tents' insulation reduces noise transfer by 10 to 15 decibels. It is the same as cutting down the noise from city traffic to the level of a normal conversation. Here you can see how it works.


Note: Results can vary depending on the tent and the situation.


Is there ventilation inside the tent?


The CruaBreath technology comprises two layers of highly breathable poly-cotton sandwiched around the TTinsu insulation.

Crua Outdoors Insulation Demonstration


It results in an incredibly breathable product. It is essential for limiting condensation while providing a comfortable and safe living environment. High and low vents help to improve breathability.


How big and heavy are the tents?


For the reasons listed below, several of our tents, particularly our larger tents, are heavier than conventional tents:

  • We always use materials of the highest grade and quality.
  • Compared to polyester, the poly-cotton material is significantly superior and viable.
  • We use the industry's most robust steel poles to supply an increased safety level.
  • Our inner tent's insulation makes it heavier but keeps you safe and secure.

We are aware that this could result in possible problems; thus to mitigate this:

  • We've made ergonomic bags so that the weight is spread out. The heavier loads have wheels to make them easier to move.
  • The Cullas are small enough to fit into big vacuum bags. We can eliminate the air with our Crua Pump or a vacuum cleaner to make the packed size smaller.

Compared to similar-sized tents, We are confident that the added weight of our tents is justified by the increased safety and environmental convenience they bring.


Do I need to purchase an extra groundsheet?


Many of the tents we sell already come with thick, durable groundsheets, so you wouldn't need to buy one separately.

Some of our bigger tents come with a separate groundsheet you can use when camping on wet or rocky ground.

Note that while any of the Crua Cullas could be used on its own, they were all intended to function best when placed within a water- and weather-resistant outer tent (such as the Duo, Duo Maxx, or any similar model).

If you only want to use one of the Crua Culla tents, you would need to protect it with a groundsheet and a tarp because it is not waterproof.


Should I buy a pump?


We will include one pump with your shipment when you order the Crua Core or the Crua Complete Clan/Clan Maxx.

The pump is not included with any Cullas or Combos purchased from us.

We sell a double-action pump, which pumps up and down to fill the tire faster. 

You can find more details here.


I am tall; do you think I'd fit in the hybrid?


Given that the Crua Hybrid is 7.5 feet tall, it should have no trouble fitting those up to 7 feet tall.


I can't seem to get the door on the Crua Tri to close. Is something wrong?


There's nothing wrong. We made the Tri work in all kinds of weather, even when there is a lot of wind. We cut away any extra material that could flap in the wind.

When taking down a tent, it's essential to ensure all the doors and windows are closed and zipped up. So, when you set up your tent the next time, they will all be closed.

When setting up the Crua Tri, double-check that the door is closed, and if it isn't, please close it before you set up the guy lines.

As long as the door is closed when you set up the guy lines, there will be enough tension for the zippers to open and close smoothly.


What kind of materials were used?


Our thermally insulated tents surpass all standards set by the industry in every possible way.

Everything from our groundsheets to our poles to our flysheets to our netting and even our zippers are of the greatest possible quality.

The fact that our manufacturing partner is the most prominent in the world and our guarantee demonstrates our faith in them.


Do your tents come with a warranty?


There is a full two years of coverage against manufacturing and material flaws for all of our products.

This limited warranty only covers physical goods bought from Crua Outdoors (the "Physical Goods").

During the Warranty Period, we will fix or replace for free any products or parts of products that are defective because of faulty materials or workmanship, as long as they have been used and cared for ideally. 

We will fix the Product for free or replace it with new or used parts. After the date of purchase, Physical goods bought from the Crua Outdoors brand come with a 2-year warranty from the date of purchase.

Any remaining time on the warranty of the original Physical Good is transferred to the new Physical Good or part, or the guarantee is extended by two years from the day the actual Physical Good was repaired or replaced, the longer of the two.

This Limited Warranty doesn't cover problems, malfunctions, or damage that aren't caused by flaws in the material or the way it was made.

To get warranty service, you must first contact us so we can figure out what's wrong and the best way to fix it.

Contact us at or call on 020 3576 0569.