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Latitude Tents Pioneer vs TentBox Lite Review

Latitude Tents Pioneer Green on Mini


If you are looking for a soft-shell rooftop tent, then the TentBox Lite and the Latitude Tents Pioneer are some of the very best roof tents on the market. Both companies design and manufacture the best rooftop tents in the UK. However, deciding which one to buy between them is difficult as they offer similar great features.

Which one you will find is best value for money really depends on your preferences and situation. We have broken down the features of both tent models, so it gives you a clearer idea of which is best for you.

If you want a quick view of the Latitude Tents then check out the video below:

Within this article we'll go into sleeping capacity, setup times, tent fabric, weather resistance, and, ultimately, a product comparison chart to assist you to choose what's the ideal roof tent for you.

We'll go through sleeping capacity, setup times, weather resistance with our verdicts and finally a product comparison chart to help you decide what’s best for your situation!

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TentBox Lite vs Latitude Tents Pioneer Review


Below we go straight into the battle of the soft-shell roof tents between Latitude Tents and TentBox. We're sure if you use the comparisons we provide you will know which one is best suited for your needs.

TentBox Lite Lifestyle


1. Comfort and how they compare


Mattress comparison


TentBox Lite Mattress - 6cm


With TentBox all their models come with some of the best mattresses in the market straight out of the box and thats no different with the TentBox Lite.


TentBox Lite Mattress

The TentBox Lite comes with a 6cm memory foam mattress that covers the entire floor of the tent once opened. It's cut out perfectly to fit the entirety of the roof tent floor space to cover every inch. Your back sinks into the mattress and doesn't get too hot in the summer which we like a lot. 

The downside is that you cannot purchase a mattress topper from TentBox that fits the TentBox Lite like you can with their other models. You can purchase an insulation pod that would increase the comfort slightly.


Latitude Tents Pioneer Mattress - 6cm


The Latitude Tents Pioneer also comes with a comfy mattress providing a 60 MM or 6 cm High-density foam mattress. What's also super handy is that you can leave thin bedding inside the roof tent as well as the foam mattress which makes it much more convenient to set up or pack up and go and not have to remove your thin duvet every time.

Latitude Tents Pioneer Green Mattress


You just simply fold the roof tent as would packing it up normally and the tent should compress the bedding inside.


Latitude Tents Pioneer Mattress


You can of course add a mattress topper of your choice if you want extra comfort but you may not be able to leave the topper inside as this will may take up too much space to fold away.


If you count having skylights as adding to the overall comfort of where you are sleeping to view the night sky or be gently woken up by the morning sun then the Latitude Tents Pioneer has a great double skylight for you.

Latitude Tents Pioneer Double Skylight



Winner: Latitude Tents Pioneer

Both the TentBox Lite and Latitude Tents Pioneer offer a comfortable mattress both at a 6 cm high-density foam thickness which will give you a comfortable nights sleep.

However, in our opinion the Latitude Tents Pioneer does allow you to leave your bedding covers or any other thin sleeping gear which is just that extra bit of added convenience. In terms of mattress comfort and roominess inside the tents both the TentBox Lite and Latitude Tents Pioneer are very similar.


2. Tent Space and how they compare


The luxury of rolling around in your bed can be a major factor in deciding which rooftop tent to purchase.

Both models are quite similar in designs which make it slightly difficult to separate.


TentBox Lite - 3 person sleeper


TentBox Lite Interior


The TentBox Lite has a great sleeping area for those who want to bring their children along or even their pet! If not it's perfect for those you like their space and like to roll around in their sleep.

With a sleeping dimension of W: 140cm by L: 240cm allows you to comfortably sleep up to three people.

The fold-out design allows you to stretch the tent to create enough space. Additionally, it comes with a peak height headroom of 112cm, making it ideal for tall people.

TentBox Lite Open Dimensions

Latitude Tents Pioneer - 3 person sleeper


The Latitude Tents Pioneer has a capacity for a maximum of 3 people. The sleeping mattress dimensions are the same as TentBox Lite, which is 140 cm X 240 cm so it's slightly larger than a double bed in terms of size.

W: 140 cm x L: 240 cm

Latitude Tents Pioneer Black Raven Interior View

However, Latitude Tents Pioneer has a bigger headspace area. The peak head room height measures in at 130cm compared to 110cm in the TentBox Lite. So if you're a tall person or just like that extra head room and spaciousness then this will be the ideal roof tent for you.



Winner: Latitude Tents Pioneer

Both the TentBox Lite and the Latitude Tents Pioneer provide enough space for two adults and a small child. Most roof tents out there won't be able to provide more space than these two so if sleeping space is a major factor for you then either roof tent will serve you well.

If we had to get down to the nitty gritty then because of the extra head room the Pioneer tent provides at 130cm compared to the 110cm in the Lite, then we think the Latitude Tents Pioneer should be your choice.



3. Material quality and how they compare


Base & Frame Construction

TentBox Lite - Steel reinforced honeycomb-aluminium base panels with aluminium framework and stainless steel hinges and fixings.

Latitude Tents Pioneer - Steel frame with checkerplate with 25mm aluminium poles.


Main Pod Fabric

TentBox Lite - Breathable 280gsm rip-stop canvas, with a 2000mm Hydrostatic Head Rating

Latitude Tents Pioneer - 320G Ripstop Polycotton with a 3000mm Hydrostatic Head Rating + UV and Mould Resistant Coating.


Outer Hood Fabric

TentBox Lite - 600D Nylon with 4000mm Hydrostatic Head Rating. Waterproof silicone-taped seams throughout

Latitude Tents Pioneer - 420D Oxford Polyester


Travel Cover

TentBox Lite - PVC Cover provided.

Latitude Tents Pioneer - 550G Heavy-Duty PVC cover.



Winner: Draw

In terms of overall build quality we think that both roof tents made by TentBox and Latitude Tents provide high quality durable frame and resistance fabric which should last you years of use.



4. Setup time and how they compare


TentBox Lite setup time


If you camp regularly then this will be a major factor.

The ease at which you can assemble and pack away your tent will make life so much easier when all you want to do is unwind for the evening especially if you've been hiking all day.

Setting up, installing, and even taking down the Lite takes at least five minutes. This is due to the fact that every time you assemble and pack away the tent, you must manually fold it open and set the telescopic ladder. The TentBox Lite can be set up in under 5 minutes with practice.

Since this tent includes windows and doors that open to the outside, there needs to be extra room around the car. You should also plan time for setting up the rain flys on each of the TentBox Lite's windows.


TentBox Lite Setup


Latitude Tents Pioneer setup time


Since the Latitude Tents Pioneer has a similar design mechanism to the Lite, the opening mechanism is also very similar.

Firstly, you need to remove the protective cover, what we like here is that you fold the protective cover so it is out of the way and isn't hanging out and about everywhere.

Next, unstrap all the safety buckles, push forward the attached telescopic ladder so it is ready for you to fold out the roof top tent.

Pull down the telescopic ladder to the ground and lock the ladder based on the correct height you need and lock in the canopy pole. Then you simply need to set up the rain flys for each of the windows and you're set!


Latitude Tents Pioneer Setup




Winner: Tentbox Lite

Both the TentBox Lite and Latitude Tents require roughly 5 minutes to set up. But with practice, you can set up your tent in under 5 minutes. 

But if we're really getting the stopwatch out then the TentBox Lite is slightly faster as the Pioneer requires the canopy pole to be set up and removed as an additional step.



5. Storage space and how they compare


TentBox Lite storage space

The TentBox Lite has good storage pockets inside the the roof tent.

As you can see in the picture below there are convenient storage pockets below the windows, enough for storing shoes and any small items you need while relaxing in the roof tent.

TentBox Lite Storage


Latitude Tents Pioneer storage space

Similarly, in the Latitude Tents Pioneer you are provided with four internal storage pockets in the interior of the roof top tent. Handy so you don't lose any keys or wallets whilst sleeping at night.

 Latitude Tents Pioneer Interior view

Extra Bonus:

This is a small little design feature but does make the world of difference and that is that you can roll up the outer cover on the Pioneer which hangs just underneath the tent and the ladder. So by doing this you save a bit of storage space not having to find a place for the outer cover. This might not be a major issue but it is handy.



Winner: Latitude Tents Pioneer

In terms of internal storage there is very little difference between the two. Both have four internal pockets to stuff the small items you carry around with you and both have an additional boot bag accessory you can add on top.

However, the slight edge goes to the Pioneer by not having to store the outer cover elsewhere and being able to keep your bedding inside when packed.



6. Weather Resistance and how they compare

    TentBox Lite weather resistance


    TentBox Lite eather


    • 4-season weather rated: The canvas fabric is Waterproof, yet breathable, and the additional fly hood keeps you dry in even the heaviest of storms.

      The TentBox Lite has been tested in extreme winds of up to 39mph (that’s a pretty big storm!).

    • Waterproofing:

      • Main hood: Breathable 280gsm rip-stop canvas, with a 2000mm Hydrostatc Head Rating

      • Outer hood: 600D Nylon with 4000mm Hydrostatic Head Rating. Waterproof silicone-taped seams throughout


    Latitude Tents Pioneer weather resistance


     Latitude Tents Pioneer Weather Resistance


    • Weather Resistance:
        • With 280g Rip-stop Polyester Cotton with a waterproof and UV-resistant coating, this gear is lightweight, breathable, and tough enough to handle the challenging conditions of the woods and inclement weather.

      • Waterproofing:
        • Canopy Fabric: 320G Ripstop Polycotton, 600D Waterproof with UV + Mold Resistant Coating - HH 3000MM
        • Rainfly Fabric: 420D Oxford Polyester 

      Extra bonus:

      A great little feature that Latitude Tents have implemented is covering the inner support poles with a plastic cover to reduce the amount of condensation build up inside the tent. Since there are three inner support poles that enables the fold out tent design they are usually left as its original metal frame which picks up condensation over night. Small thoughtful design features like this can make all the difference.


      Latitude Tents Pioneer interior support poles



      Winner: Tentbox lite

      Since the outer hood provides another level of water resistance with a 4000mm Hydrostatic Head Rating.

      The wind resistance on the TentBox Lite has been tested up to 39mph or gale force 8 winds


      7. Price comparison


      Both the Pioneer and the Lite are excellent value for money. You get high-quality materials. Check. Great sleeping space. Check. Comfy mattress to sleep on. Check. They are lightweight at under 60kgs for your car. Check.

      There are few roof tents on the market that provide great value for money as these two.

      For reference:


      Winner: Latitude Tents Pioneer

      If price is a major factor in your case, then the Latitude Tents Pioneer wins out.


      Latitude Tents Pioneer v TentBox Lite: Product Comparison Chart


      Take a look at our product comparison chart for the TentBox Lite and Latitude Tents Pioneer models.

      Hopefully you will find this useful when deciding which is the best model for you based on the categories we discussed earlier.

      Feel free to share this with a friend who needs help deciding!

      TentBox Lite v Latitude Tents Pioneer Comparison Chart   

      What Other Factors Do You Need to Consider?


      1. What other equipment do you wish to carry on your trip?   

      Rooftop tents do save space in the car over a traditional tent as the tent is assembled on the roof.

      But since you have the tent on the roof what happens if you want to bring your mountain bike or kayak with you?

      But you also don't want to sacrifice the luxury & convenience of sleeping in a rooftop tent.

      Then we recommend a rooftop tent that allows you to equip yours sports equipment on top of the roof tent.

      2. Will you be camping rough and tough more Frequently?

      Thick canvas walls and the insulated roof provide insulation and protection from harsh weather, especially cold. TentBox Classic is also extremely resistant to water and hence mould formation.

      So, if you want something for rough and tough adventures, the TentBox Classic should be a better choice. Also, this tent can be a one-time investment for those who enjoy adventures and off-road camping.

      2. Will you be camping in the winter?

      We're bound to run into rain and wind in the UK.. especially in the winter

      If you plan on camping in the cold rainy season then consider a rooftop tent with insulation tech as well as exceptional wind and rain resistance.

      Some tents come with wind noise reduction good for the howling winds at night.

      3. Do you need a Roof Tent for a Car or an SUV?

      Your car may not allow the dynamic or static weight of the hard shell TentBox Classic.

      But if it is the SUV or a 4x4 that you are riding, you should get yourself a TentBox Classic. 


      Do TentBox have discount codes?


      TentBox Discount Code

      TentBox may occasionally run a sale during the major holidays such as Easter, Black Friday and the Christmas holiday period. And if you're lucky and you go to any of the outdoor camping trade shows in Birmingham or Straford-upon-avon then there may be discount codes provided in person.

      At Outdoor Roadie we provide this discount code all year round. We'll get your roof tent ready for dispatch right away so you can have your lovely new TentBox delivered to you as soon as possible.


      Benefits of ordering with us!

      + Fully Insured shipping - All your gifts are fully insured and protected with us

      + 30 Day Returns - A change of heart happens. Give us a call and we'll help you return it.

      + 5 Year extended warranty - Just like TentBox we offer the same extended warranty that Tent Box offers. 

      + Customer Care - We care about your shopping experience and look to make it as seamless as possible but most importantly we want to be there for you whenever you have questions. So we promise to call you back within an hour if we miss your call! 


      How to use Our TentBox Discount Code

      Using our TentBox discount code is easy. Simply follow these steps:

      1. Browse our TentBox products and select the roof tent that best fits your needs.
      2. Enter the discount code "TB40" at checkout.
      3. This cannot be used on TentBox accessories
      4. Enjoy your savings!


      TentBox Lite vs. Latitude Tents Pioneer: Final Verdict & Rating


      After going through the TentBox Lite review and the Latitude Tents Pioneer review, there are a few major deciding factors between the two:

      1. Sleeping capacity
      2. Price
      3. Set up time
      4. Comfort
      5. Durability and the frequency and intensity of your camping adventures
      6. Weight limit of your car, SUV, or 4x4


      Both Rooftop Tents were featured in our Top 10 Rooftop Tents in the UK for 2023! Go have a read if you are interested in reading further.

      TentBox Lite Product Specs & Rating

      TentBox Lite

      The features and value the TentBox Lite provides are what makes it special. It's great for beginners looking for a spacious roof top tent with premium features at a reasonable price point.

      Big enough to sleep 2-3 people with a sleeping area of 140cm x 240cm with a 6cm high-density foam mattress for a comfortable sleep. You won't have to worry about rain and windy nights in this as the tent fabric is water resistant and tested up to 39mph which is a gale force wind!

      Additionally, being so lightweight at 50kg is very likely to meet your car's dynamic weight limit which is perfect if you have a smaller car. Other than that it comes with a lively skylight for the views, storage bags inside the tent and lovely little fairy lights to jazz up your interior.

      If you want a stress free decision at low cost, go with this.

      Best Selling Rooftop Tent

      TentBox Lite


      View TentBox Lite

      Such a great product and experience. Easy to buy, easy to setup and easy to camp. Looking forward to many more adventures

      Paul H.

      TentBox Discount Code

      How to use the discount code

      Using our TentBox discount code is easy. Simply follow these steps:

      1. Browse our TentBox products and select the roof tent that best fits your needs.
      2. Enter the discount code "TB40" at checkout.
      3. This cannot be used on accessories
      4. Enjoy your savings!

      Latitude Tents Pioneer Product Specs & Rating

      Latitude Tents Pioneer

      The Latitude Tents Pioneer has been out for a little while but there are still few better at designing such a lightweight (54kg) rooftop tent without compromising on quality.

      At this weight it is very likely that your car manufacturer will have a roof weight load (the maximum weight your car allows whilst driving) that will take on the Pioneer roof tent.

      That's why we recommend this rooftop tent for those who own smaller cars (okay to go on a mini!). We still recommend you check your cars maximum weight load in the manual.

      If you want a super affordable roof top tent then just get this and don't worry about anything else.

      Made of high quality materials? Check. Great space for two people. Check. Simple no fuss set up time. Check. High-density foam mattress. Check. Water resistant. HH 3,000mm Check.

      No need to overthink it!

      What we love the most:

      + Large space for comfort - 140cm by 240cm only slightly smaller than a queen size bed (which are usually 153cm by 203cm). 

      + High-quality materials - made with 280g Rip-stop Polyester Cotten and a waterproof and UV resistant coating

      + Comfortable foam mattress - 60mm thick non deforming high density foam mattress that stays in the rooftop tent when packed away

      + Travel Cover Material - 550g heavy-duty PVC cover to protect against the elements.

      Best Rooftop Tent for a Car

      Latitude Tents Pioneer


      View Latitude Pioneer

      Latitude Tents Discount Code

      How to use the discount code

      Using our Latitude Tents discount code is easy. Simply follow these steps:

      1. Browse our Latitude Tents products and select the roof tent that best fits your needs.
      2. Enter the discount code "LT40" at checkout.
      3. This cannot be used on accessories
      4. Enjoy your savings!