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TentBox Discount code

TentBox Discount Code

TentBox Coupon

Looking to purchase one of the lovely TentBox roof tents? We've got you covered when you purchase with us.

Use the TentBox Coupon code "TB40" at checkout with us for £40 off TentBox roof tents and save on your shopping.


  1. Free Awning with TentBox Bundle

  2. 50% Off the Awning

If you're not sure what model you'd like to purchase then give us a call! Call us on 020 3576 0569. We'd love to chat and help you decide which roof tent is better for your own individual situation.

TentBox Coupon Code

1. Free Side Awning Deals

Get A Free Awning when you buy a bundle

Free Awning worth £295

Planning to go away soon and want some extra cover from the British Weather?

Purchase a TentBox Side Awning and the Awning Room with the Roof Tent and get the Side Awning Free

2. 50% OFF Side Awning Deals

50% OFF the Side Awning

Half Off the Side awning when you purchase a roof tent

When you purchase any of the TentBox Roof Tents you can get the side awning for 50% OFF. Shop the Lite 2.0, Lite XL, Cargo 2.0 and Classic 2.0 models

Do TentBox have discount codes?

TentBox may occasionally run a sale during the major holidays such as Easter, Black Friday and the Christmas holiday period. And if you're lucky and you go to any of the outdoor camping trade shows in Birmingham or Straford-upon-avon then there may be discount codes provided in person.

At Outdoor Roadie we provide this discount code all year round. We'll get your roof tent ready for dispatch right away so you can have your lovely new TentBox delivered to you as soon as possible.

Why Choose TentBox?

TentBox is a great choice for anyone who loves camping and wants to make the experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Their products are designed to be easy to use, durable, and versatile, making them suitable for a range of camping trips. 

Benefits of ordering with us!

+ Fully Insured shipping - All your gifts are fully insured and protected with us

+ 30 Day Returns - A change of heart happens. Give us a call and we'll help you return it.

+ 5 Year extended warranty - Just like TentBox we offer the same extended warranty that Tent Box offers. 

+ Customer Care - We care about your shopping experience and look to make it as seamless as possible but most importantly we want to be there for you whenever you have questions. So we promise to call you back within an hour if we miss your call! 

How to use Our TentBox Discount Code

Using our TentBox discount code is easy. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Browse our TentBox products and select the roof tent that best fits your needs.
  2. Enter the discount code "TB40" at checkout.
  3. This cannot be used on TentBox accessories
  4. Enjoy your savings!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How waterproof is a roof tent made by TentBox? Show Item Content


Waterproof fabric - Canvas textiles feature a 2000mm waterproof barrier, so water beads off like a Gore-Tex jacket. Because it doesn't absorb the canvas, it's easy to wipe off and dry.

Waterproof zips - All our models include waterproof zips to keep you dry and comfy.

Waterproof seams - Heat-sealed seams with waterproof silicone tape. This is rainproof.


Re-coat the waterproof fabric

Re-coating the cloth every year will prevent leaks and keep your TentBox dry. Fabsil canvas waterproofer is available online and at DIY shops.

2. Can I leave my TentBox roof tent attached to my car during the entire year? Show Item Content

TentBox may stay in your car year-round. All TentBox types are robust and waterproof, so you do not need to remove them after every usage. Best practices for leaving a TentBox on your car for long periods:


All TentBox versions contain 280gsm canvas with a waterproof covering.

Re-coating the cloth every year will prevent leaks and keep your TentBox dry. Fabsil canvas waterproofer is available online and at DIY shops.

TentBox Protection 

If you want to put your TentBox on your car year-round, protect it from the weather. 

TentBox Lite includes a PVC cover to place on when closed. Soft-top TentBox Lite needs further protection. We offer spares on our website if you lose yours.

If you possess a TentBox Classic and want to keep it looking fresher for longer, get the protective cover to preserve the ABS shell from the weather. Easy to use!

The TentBox Cargo is robust, durable aluminium and features stainless steel fasteners. Although we want to make a protective cover for this type shortly, it can take being on your car permanently. 

Mould Avoidance 

When storing your TentBox on your car year-round, ensure it's dry before closing it to prevent mould.

We have a detailed essay on preventing moisture and mould in TentBoxes. Read it!

Security Protection

If you leave your TentBox on your car permanently, you risk theft. To avoid this danger, it's best to take precautions.

For added peace of mind, consider insuring your TentBox.

Read the next section on TentBox Security Solutions.

3. How to avoid condensation?  Show Item Content


Ventilating your TentBox prevents condensation. Opening your TentBox windows when it's cold will allow your exhaled air to escape before it freezes. Winter camping requires a warm sleeping bag and dry clothing.

Wet clothes and accessories

Wet clothes or sheets inside your TentBox will make condensation worse. Wet belongings should be bagged and left in your car or beneath an umbrella outside your TentBox.

TentBox Reviews

Such a great product and experience. Easy to buy, easy to setup and easy to camp. Looking forward to many more adventures

Paul H.

I love my classic! It has been a lifesaver over the summer.
It’s roomy, comfy, so far weather proof and so much more convenient than a regular tent.
I’m looking forward to being able to travel more freely in the near future.

Ellen P.